Artrageous 2008

By weeklyvolcano on May 1, 2008


Bobble Tiki just got back from Black Water Café where he met with Zach Varnell, who teaches audio recording at Tacoma’s School of the Arts (SOTA) and also works with the SOTA Partners Foundation.  The rendezvous was a precursor to a story Bobble Tiki is working on for next week’s paper about Artrageous 2008, a benefit for SOTA that will go down on Saturday, May 10. 

Originally, tickets for Artrageous 2008, which is designed to tell the SOTA story as well as move people to take out their checkbooks to help support the school, cost $75. That all changed when an extremely generous anonymous donor decided to sponsor the event a few weeks ago. Now admission is free, or as SOTA prefers to say you’ve been invited to attend as an honorary guest of the donor.

Either way, all the money raised during Artrageous 2008 will go towards SOTA’s ambitious goals of changing education to better fit the needs of all students as well as funding artists and teachers in other public schools in the area where music and arts funding has been drastically cut. Even though tickets are now free, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to donate â€" and if you agree with what SOTA does Bobble Tiki highly recommends you do just that.

Artrageous 2008 will be filled with cool stuff to see. Here’s a look at what’s planned.

If you want to go to Artrageous, Bobble Tiki suggests you get a move on. Varnell reports a ticket request explosion since the anonymous donation, and space is going fast. As of this afternoon there were about 200 tickets left â€" out of around 1200.

Sounds like it’s shaping up to be quite an event. Check out next week’s Volcano for the full story.