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April 12, 2008 at 9:35am

Poster of the Day

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April 12, 2008 at 9:35am

Loving the Lama


Seeds A lesson in compassion and understanding it’s relevance in today’s communities was the object of my attention last night.

Dead center and four rows up from the floor at KeyArena, my husband and I sat for five hours to witness the beginning of a weekend-long Seeds of Compassion event.  The monumental affair last night began with a conversation between Dateline NBC host Ann Curry, musician Dave Matthews, and Tibet’s exiled religious leader Dalai Lama.  For some reason when I rattle those names off I feel like I’m saying, “A conversation between The Pope, The Queen of England and Mickey Mouse.”  It just doesn’t seem right, does it?

Well, it went about as well as it could have, which was pretty darn good in my book.

Dave Matthews began the dialogue, discussing how music is an escape for him, and he often witnesses his audience getting into the music and escaping.  Music to him feels good to his heart.  He then proceeded to ask the Dalai Lama what his thoughts were on how music correlates with compassion.

Before I tell you what the Dalai Lama said, and so you can understand what the rest of the conversation was like last night, let me tell you with this: Although he could speak English, he had an interpreter. This was because although he understood the words, it was hard for him to understand the context.  The interpreter seemed to tell him what the point of the question was.  So for the most part, here are the main words I heard the Dalai Lama use in every answer:

  • Sensory (ears, eyes, etc.)
  • Understanding
  • People
  • Compassion

Now as for what the Dalai Lama’s answer was? It’s hard to say.

Seedsllama I found it very difficult putting together the meaning of his words. He was searching for the right words, and I think most people in the audience were searching for the right meaning of his words. His answer to Dave Matthews’ question is definitely something I need to re-watch to grasp the outcome. 

Ann Curry was her usual professional journalistic self.  There was the typical forced look of compassion on her face as she leaned in to ask questions and hear responses.

The Dalai Lama did point out that the media could really effect how society handles compassion.  Sometimes the reporting style of the story can be biased, he noted.  He made a point of saying: If the media reports the facts, and the truth, only then can people truly judge. 

At the end of the conversation (which lasted about 45 minutes, I think), The Dalai Lama made another very excellent point.

In a very choppy way he pointed out that from the beginning, everyone worked together.  A long time ago, when there was nothing but food to harvest and cook, everyone worked together.  Eventually there needed to be a leader.  Men were naturally the strongest, so they set the standard for what would become the main prerequisite into a leadership role: A strong man.  Strong enough, and filled with bravado, these men often reacted with anger â€" thus beginning and fighting in many wars.

As for women, their natural roles are often that of nurses, teachers, and moms.  They thrive in these environments because they have compassion.

The Dalai Lama then stated his main point: He said that it is now time for a woman leader.  (The crowd goes wild at this point.)

Dave Matthews then reminded me of a word I really like, and that I need to start using more in my everyday vocabulary: Machismo.  Say it.  It’s fun.  Macheeeesmo.

Marty Reimer from 103.7 The Mountain was the emcee for the evening.  He came out to address us, and told us we had an hour before surprise guest Death Cab For Cutie would come out and play an acoustic set.  I got so excited!  This is unfortunate because I was extremely disappointed once I saw Death Cab’s performance.

Seedsdeathcab They are talented artists, don’t get me wrong, but after seeing them live, I simply do not like this band.  As some of you might already know, my main tell-all of a band is how good they are live.  Although very congenial and witty, they sound like a typical radio band. Booooring.  The only reason “Soul Meets Body” fared well in the ratings was because Ben Gibbard actually put some range in his voice.  This guy was almost as bad vocally as John Mayer.  Bash away people, but that’s my two cents.

Finally Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds took the stage and put on yet another fantastic show.  Tim Reynolds if by far one of the most talented guitarists on this planet, and Dave Matthews fills the songs with meaningful lyrics and a thriving passion for what he does.

Seedsdave Seedsdave2 Seedsdave3 It was a fantastic night for the packed KeyArena, and my husband and I had a great time letting compassion into our hearts. 

I would like to personally thank the two college-aged D-bag boys behind me last night for testing me in my ability to show compassion.  Thank you for moving your hat backwards, conch necklace, and popped collar striped-shirt-wearing-self to another row.  I thankfully had enough compassion and patience to not turn around and punch you before you made your life saving move away from me.

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April 12, 2008 at 11:56am

Hostess and vodka


THE DAILY WORDBreakfastshakabrah1211
Salubrious \suh-LOO-bree-us\, adjective:
Favorable to health; promoting health; healthful.

USAGE EXAMPLE: In order to stay in tip top shape, Bobble Tiki relies on a salubrious regimen of hostess products and Three Star Vodka. Bobble Tiki has never felt better.


TACOMA: Jarvis among two finalists

OLYMPIA: Nisqually buys huge chunk of land, not for a casino

SEATTLE: More on the Lama

UNITED STATES: Answers about the airline debacle

MUSIC LISTINGS: Here’s what’s happening

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April 12, 2008 at 4:58pm

My lips are still chapped


Tater Tot and I spent some quality time at the Hotel Murano last night researching Drink of the Week, which will appear in Thursday's Weekly Volcano. Since the Vertigo Lounge is closed on the top floor, the downstairs bar received our full attention.

It's so hip cool.

Bartenders Deborah and Kristina suffer from wrist injuries in which their wrists lock up when pouring drinks.

There's also a bar on the fourth floor next to the Bite restaurant.

Both close at 11 p.m. unless the crowd keeps the drive alive, like last night.

I'll dive deeper Thursday, but we did discover what the hotel staff calls the Kissing Lounge adjacent to the fourth floor bar.  It's hip, dark and perfect for kissing.  And you can bring your drink into it even after the bar closes.

Muranokissinglounge I had to buy more ChapStick today.

Oh, I also learned that a glass canopy might be draped above the lobby entrance. 

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April 13, 2008 at 9:56am

Colorful fashion, black comedy

Volcanoblastart_2 FASHION
Spring Fashion Preview
"Hip" is reserved for the young, and the people who are wise enough to encounter the young and learn the new style. I am not as young as I was, but neither is anyone else. When we are shopping for clothes, we wonder what people will think of us if we were to wear what we are about to buy. Even the youngest, hippest, coolest people wonder sometimes if they are really all that. I think this is why Julie Bennett opened urbanXchange.

Bennett is an innovator because she has done everything in her power to encounter the young and the new style. She listens to their music, asks them why they wear what they wear, gives them jobs, knows their dreams, asks for their stories and wants their hearts. She has created a platform, and much of Tacoma's young culture has sprung from it.

Bennett will showcase her knowledge and talent at her Spring Fashion Preview today at Masa Restaurant.

[Masa, 3:30 p.m., all ages, free, 2811 Sixth Ave., Tacoma, 253.254.0560]

The Ascetic
Theater Artists Olympia in association with Prodigal Sun Productions, and Northwest Playwrights Alliance is presenting its latest production, The Ascetic, a thought provoking black comedy by Phillip Atlakson, that is right up TAO's line of thinking when it comes to staging interesting works most other theaters try to avoid.

This show tells the story of Jerry and Sara, who travel to Eastern Washington on a day trip to see the Ascetic, a man who is said to have given up the pleasures of this world and been standing on a rock for the last 300 days. What Jerry and Sara find there is much more than they bargained for when they left their comfortable lives. The Ascetic will challenge their senses, their faith, their relationship and possibly even their lives.

The show stars Tim Samland, Tim Hoban, Pug Bujeaud and Paul Gisi. â€" Steve Dunkelberger

[Midnight Sun Performance Space, 8 p.m., $12, 113 N. Columbia St., Olympia, www.buyolympia.com]

LINK: Darkness Stole the Sky and others in the clubs.
LINK: Catch a movie.
LINK: Let’s eat dessert.

April 13, 2008 at 2:14pm

Good day at the Parkway


I stopped by the Parkway Tavern for another sample of Ryan's yummy hashbrowns yesterday morning.  BanditoBetty was serving the coffee nice and hot - my belly and my brain were happy with it all.

 While I was there, I was able to witness the stabbing of the pig, the poking of the pork, the skewering of the swine.

 Everyone at the Parkway was bustling about, getting ready for the Parkway Tavern's Barleywine Festival.

Parkwayjohn John pulled out the back-up beer taps and began preparing for the event.

Parkwayfest1 Parkwayfest2 Parkwayfest3 Parkwayfest4 Later that night my perfectly prepared posse and I hit the Barleywine Festival donning sunglasses and short sleeves.  What a friggen' gorgeous day.

Parkwayfest5 Parkwayfest6_2 We had a great time catching up with local friends and enjoying the sun.  I was happy to catch up with Carmen ââ?¬" it had been a while since we'd seen each other out, and it was nice to hear what she was up to.

Parkwayfest7 If you didn't catch this barleywine festival â�" keep your eyes and ears open: The Weekly Volcano will keep you updated on any happenings in the future that you don't want to miss.

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April 13, 2008 at 2:48pm

Urban Pub Crawl update


Roxanne Murphy, the PR Bitty for the City, sent out a reminder for Creative Tacoma's Urban Pub Crawl in downtown Tacoma utilizing the Tacoma Link. See the link below for more information on the event.

Murphy's update:

  • We're expecting at least 60 people to show up to this function. So, we hope you'll being cash to last through the night (cuz all of the debit or credit cards would be a COMPLETE nightmare). We also encourage you to take public transportation or a cab to and from this event. Safety first, lovers! Also remember, the last LINK runs back to the Tacoma Dome Station at 10:10 p.m.
  • If you absolutely have to show up late, send a text message to 206.920.7995, but please do try to arrive at 4:00 PM so we won't have to spend the night watching the phone.

LINK: Previously on Spew

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April 13, 2008 at 3:08pm

Oh, sexy girlfirend



NPR examines how Long Duk Dong has left a mark on American culture.

The character was a massive desexualization of the Asian man.  I can't imagine studio execs bringing back the character for a sequel. If so, you can bet every politicized Asian American will protest like it’s Abercrombie and Fitch, the sequel.

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April 13, 2008 at 3:22pm

Tax Day relief


Redhottaxday_3 Did doing your taxes totally tax you? All day Wednesday, The Red Hot in Tacoma will host a “Tax Relief” party â€" that is, celebrating your relief after having compiled and calculated another year of income and write-offs. The tavern will be serving up happy hour prices all day, plus a raffle.

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April 13, 2008 at 9:40pm

Dinner with DeRosa


Dinner413totcafe Top of Tacoma Bar & Café hosts this week’s Dinner with DeRosa.  From the ham and brie paninis to the homemade mac ‘n’ cheese, Jaime Kay makes it like ma used to.  I guess my ma never really made ham and brie, but she did make a killer PB & J, so I’m gonna say that’s close enough.

Dinner413redandjeff My fist two guests are Red and Jeff from The Corner Bar and The Parkway Tavern.  I loved chillin’ with these guys last week when BanditoBetty and I crashed the Corner Bar for the Bar Exam.  I could see the pride in their eyes as they gave me the deluxe bathroom tour of BOTH bathrooms.  Anyone that can be as happy to discover unique bathrooms as I can â€" are as cool as the other side of my pillow. 

Dinner413cheryl I’ve been dying to have Cheryl from Sanford and Son Antiques come to dinner.  There has never been a time that I’ve run into Cheryl somewhere, and she doesn’t act like she is having the best day of her life.  Full of energy, positive vibes, and a love for her community, she pulls the most amazing events together, Which in turn pull Tacoma together.  At night great parties, fabulous fund raisers, and extraordinary bands grace the vast space that houses eclectic antiques and retail stores during the day.  I love Cheryl and Alan.

Last night I went to Sanford and Son to see my next Dinner with DeRosa invitee: Destruction Island. I’m a fan of this local band’s music, and had told them I’d be at the show last night.  I brought with me BanditoBetty, The KAke, Jenny Fab, and Mr. DeRosa â€" they were all just as ready as I was to see Destruction Island tear up the stage.  That is, until we ran into the next invitee to Dinner with DeRosa. Due to my journalistic professionalism, I won’t use his real name.  For now we’ll just call him “asshole.” (Apparently that’s what a lot of other people call him, so I’m OK with that.)

Asshole was working the door last night for Destruction Island. He is the roommate of someone the band knows and they were incredibly desperate for someone to work the door for a couple of minutes, so they let him.  As we were about to enter the performance, Asshole hit us with a real nasty attitude.  I won’t go into detail what words were exchanged, but I will say it definitely ended with a big Steph DeRosa F-U to him.  He spoke very negatively to me and my friends on behalf of the band, and he had no right to. I’m positive that such a horrible attitude would never come from such a great group of guys like Destruction Island, nor would Cheryl and Alan of Sanford and Son have ever tolerated that.  I’m inviting him to this week’s dinner so he can see a group of nice people, and see what having a good approach can do for him.  And if that doesn’t work maybe we can wash that smug emo look off his face while he’s here.

Dinner413matador My last invitee is the bar manager at Matador. (Sorry there’s only room for one more,  the band takes up too much room.) He’s invited simply because he put up with the Steph DeRosa posse last night.  Albeit just a short time, and a non-money making time for the Matador, it was definitely a fun time.  In order to spare the gory “Jenny Fab I.D. altercation” details, I’ll leave it at that.


Dinner413destruction Bonus Dinner With DeRosa material (At no extra cost!)
Just in case anyone is wondering (or maybe if you really don’t care, but are still reading this and can’t stop), I did end up going in to see Destruction Island.  I ran into Cheryl and explained the situation. She immediately guided me in to the band.  I walked in, saw the crowd, and was in awe.  Professionally creative, yet realistically humble, Destruction Island has the innate ability to grasp your senses and to get your heart going. 

These guys are talented all the way and if I had to say it all in one word it would be: incredible.

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