Crocodile Cafe reflection

By weeklyvolcano on December 18, 2007

Sometimes shitty stuff happens. Sometimes good people die and sometimes good things come to an end.

So is the case with the recent closure of Seattle’s famed Crocodile Café.

Like a sucker punch on Monday, news broke that the Crocodile Café was no longer. My initial response was disbelief. Crocodile employees received messages from Stephanie Dorgan, the Croc’s owner, which according to the Seattle PI informed them, “They should not report for work any longer â€" the Crocodile Cafe has been closed because of financial difficulties.” The news ricocheted from blog to blog into Monday night, and wading through the many responses popping up out there on the World Wide Web, there’s not a soul who’s happy about this development.

Not even Satan himself.

Monday was a sad day for Northwest local music. I know clubs close all the time, and eventually the void will be patched, but there will never be another Crocodile Café.  This is a loss that will sting for a long time. â€" Matt Driscoll