24 Days of Cookies: Day 19

By weeklyvolcano on December 19, 2007

Cookiesasado Asado

All hail Asado!  Praise the cookie gods (or cows or pigs or whatever) for dropping down some blessings onto this place. 

They weren't even open when I barged in.  The hostess immediately got the manager when I asked her if they served cookies.  I know, I know, such an invaluable question deserves nothing but the manager's attention.

He said yes, he had one, and immediately began to rattle off the ingredients, describing how it's made, all while using wonderful hand gestures that made me go into a daze.  I picked my tongue up off the floor when he finished and demanded a cookie to go.

They're the existential cookie that I've raved about all month: crispy on the outside, chewy but DONE on the inside.  Flavored with molasses, spices, and an indescribably unique taste; you'll be wondering how it is you've lived this long without tasting something so great.

They take this cookie, spread it with Nutella, and slap it onto another cookie just the same.  It's quite Oreo-esque, but definitely made with more love.

He walked out of the kitchen, handed me a box of cookies, and said, "Merry Christmas, it's on me." I had not mentioned I was from the Volcano, and I did not mention that I was here to tear apart his cookie.  He did this out of simple kindness.

I love this man, Asado, and their cookies.  The fact that they have kick ass food and a rockin' happy hour doesn't hurt either. My love knows no boundaries.- Steph DeRosa

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