I interrupt your film fest fodder...

By weeklyvolcano on October 3, 2007

Darjeelinglimited Looking past all the hubbub over the opening of the Tacoma Film Festival â€" Has anyone noticed that Wes Anderson’s “The Darjeeling Limited” will open at The Grand Oct. 19?  It’s the story of three American brothers on a spiritual bonding journey who find themselves stranded in the dessert with eleven suitcases, a printer, and a laminating machine.

Word is Roger Ebert will toss many stars at it. Nice.

I love all of Wes Anderson’s movies. I think the reason people react so strongly to his films is because of the soundtracks. They are perfect. The music reaches right into your chest and squeezes your heart. It's amazing. Have you seen "Rushmore" lately?

OK, back to your Tacoma Film Festival giggles. â€" Jennifer Johnson