Two days of Dave

By weeklyvolcano on September 2, 2007

I spent three days and two Dave Matthews Band concerts with a group of 25 Dave worshipers from around North America (Connecticut, Minnesota, Texas, New York, British Colombia, Colorado, Tacoma) at The Gorge this weekend.  While I made it all OK through booze, the group chatted about the Matthews' tour (one was on her 50th show of the year), set lists (the Saturday night Gorge show was better than Friday), ultimate Dave songs (everyone digs "Cornbread"), burps, farts and much, much more.

Two days is all I could take.

I sold my Sunday night tickets and Tater Tot and I drove as fast as we could home (82 mph costs $113 outside of Ellensburgh).

I'm off to Bumbershoot.  Thanks again to the Ants Marching clan for hosting our asses this weekend.  Here are a few pics of these awesome folks. â€" Brad AllenDavefive Davefour Davethree Davetwo Daveone