Marty Campbell kicks off in Tacoma

By weeklyvolcano on March 21, 2007

Martycampbell The Tacoma City Council campaign kick-off party for Marty Campbell, held in the lobby of the Pantages Theater, started off with familiar faces: Pat Nagle, Derek Young, Rusty George, Julie Bennett, Patricia Lecy-Davis, Jennifer Johnson, and James Hume (who said he was representing “the underbelly of Tacoma”) as well as a wide variety of local business movers and shakers were present showing support for the businessman and community leader as he kicked off his campaign, after announcing his intent to run in early February.

Martycampbellrusty Martycampbellhume “I’m a communicator,” he said, as he spoke about his intent to support the business and arts communities, as well as the youth of Tacoma.

Position eight, which Bill Evans is vacating, has four candidates running; while the polls in August and November may focus more heavily on the election of a new president, this race could be as interesting to watch.

Among the things that I found exceptional about the event was the food â€" catered by the Harmon, and the music â€" nice touch! â€" by Craig Hoyer, as well as the conversations and connections made.  New Volcano friend Jesse Holder, looking smart in his Rocky and Coco’s velvet suit, made me realize how lame I was when I was his age, and the chocolate covered strawberries were just perfect.

I was just bummed not to be able to join the group at the after event at the Harmon â€" responsibilities as a parent, and scribe, beckoned. â€" Jessica Corey-Butler