Worthy benefit show Friday at Hell's Kitchen

By weeklyvolcano on February 1, 2007

As consumers, we’re constantly faced with choices. Which beer to buy? Which hair gel to go with? Which supermarket to support?

The decisions are endless, but it boils down to one simple question: Who are you going to give your money to? Everyone’s vying for it, and it’s all up to you.

These days, you even have to decide which benefits to support. Let’s be honest, there are far too many “benefits.” If you think about it, every show that costs you something to get into, is a benefit. Someone’s getting the money, right?

Then they benefited.

For example, if a band needs money to finish their CD, and they play a show to earn some cash, it shouldn’t be billed as a “benefit” for So-and-so’s new CD. That’s just using pity to get people through the door, which in my book, is fairly low. It sucks the meaning out of the word “benefit.”

But there are plenty of worthy ones, which for folks like myself, scrapping by paycheck to paycheck, means we’ve to decide which benefits to give our cash to if for no other reason than we ain't got much to give.

One way I always know if a benefit is worth my attention is if the benefit will impact the actual community I live in, or if the benefit is for someone  real, living in Tacoma, who’s no different than me or you. Call me a benefit elitist, but I like to help actual people.  I like to feel like I’m doing something real.

On Friday, Feb, 2, the Jet City Fix, Top Heavy Crush, Sea Jayne Trip, and Twink the Wonder Kid will play Hell’s Kitchen. This lineup kicks so much ass I’m beside myself, and beyond that, it’s a benefit for Jana from Supernova, who’s battling cancer and the huge medical expenses that always go hand in hand. As far as benefits go, this one’s a no-brainer. We’re all taking from Tacoma, hanging out at the Kitchen, or Jazzbones, or Supernova, or Shakabrah, or wherever â€" being part of the scene. Here’s a legitimate chance to give back, and actually know you’re helping.

Like I said, no-brainer.

Don’t be douche bag. Go to this show. â€" Matt Driscoll