Valentines for one- where to go

By weeklyvolcano on February 9, 2007

So ya wanna know where I was considering going, based on my V-Day for One article this this week's Weekly Volcano (the whole issue has tons of V-day ideas)?

Dancing? Probably not for me, but if I did go, I'd go to Club Silverstone.  It's got exactly the right vibe for me: come as you are, and we'll play the music that makes you shake it.

Dining? For a nice intimate (it's all about me! Me! Me!) dinner, I'd take myself  to BabblinÃ' Babs, where I wouldn't have to feel conspicuous and eat fabulous food. If I was feeling swank, the bar at either Sea Grill, or El Gaucho could make me feel superstar-like and posh for the night of me.
Then again, dining alone, I can go for exotic, eating the types of food the significant other  doesn't care for.  Indochine, East West Cafe, or DjembeSoul could be fun and yummy, or I could go Indian: that being the case, it would have to be Gateway to India.

Or, alternately, I could go further up Sixth Ave and try to decide between Asado and Masa.

Or, I could go the "sip and light bite" route, where my top choices would be either the Matador's happy hour (though that smells suspiciously like a singles's place) or happy hour at the Pacific Grill.  Possibly, Paddy Coyne's would be where I'd end up, though more likely, with my wine-lovin' self, I'd end up at Vin Grotto gettin' my cheese on.

Then again, Enoteca has a cheesy wine-lovin' intimate vibe  that could be conducive to my "I love me" night, but in all probability, if it's all about me and what I love, then the evening probably has to entail at least one visit to Tempest Lounge.

In all probability, my evening of me, for me, by me, will be all about culture.  Though I would love to see TAG-Proof (and will, on the Saturday following V-Day) I think "romance" for me will need to be all about the Spanish cello/singing stylings of Cello Octet Conjunto Iberico. That event, followed by a nibble and a sip, will be the best way to let me know how much I love me, and the best way to get swept away my the heady emotion of it all.

Will I be my Valentine?  Yes, please!- Jessica Corey-Butler