Urban Arts Festival picks June 24

By weeklyvolcano on February 28, 2007

If you're anything like me â€" which I'm sure you are because anyone who reads this blog is so freakin cool â€" you LOVE the summertime outdoor festivals that take place throughout Tacoma.

One of my personal favorites is the Urban Art Festival.

OK, maybe I'm a little biased (BTW: Show me a writer who isn't?) because I happen to be friends with the beautiful geniuses behind it (Everybody loves an Eklund, DJ Lulu Spice and DJ Jomama), but I really can't deny their forward thinking.

And they've done it yet again.

They just launched a Web site to get us ready for the function on June 24 from noon to dusk.

They've also announced a new location for the gathering â€" Fireman's Park. Perrrfect!

Be sure to check out the band lineup so far. I'm particularly excited about the 206 Zulu Nation, yo.

So now you must bookmark the Urban Art Festival, mark your calendars, and I'll see ya there â€" in the beer garden, by the stage, admiring the art, or dancing all over that park's green, green grass. â€" Natasha