"Pretty In Pink Ball" tonight

By weeklyvolcano on February 10, 2007

Bobble Tiki has said it before, the pivotal scene in the 1986 classic "Pretty In Pink" was not when Molly Ringwald's character finally managed to land the wealthy preppy. The key moment of this film was when Molly proudly emerged in her homemade prom frock. To this day, that pink dress remains one of the most ugly pieces of couture ever captured on celluloid. If you have a similarly striking leftover prom dress, or perhaps a powder blue tuxedo that is in need of airing out, Bobble Tiki has just the event for you. Tonight at 9, there's a 1980s-themed prom at the Varsity Grill in downtown Tacoma. The “Pretty In Pink Valentine’s Day Ball” is more than just a shameless excuse to spin tunes from Echo and the Bunnymen, it's a fund-raiser for the Dockyard Derby Dames.  Tonight will include food, drinks and prom pictures.  Tickets are $15, or $25 per couple.

Suzy Stump incorrectly listed this event has happening on Valentine’s Day in the Weekly Volcano.  She is sorry.  She will most likely be subjected to a “Carrie” scenario tonight at the prom. â€" Bobble Tiki