Musical literature at Olympia's Art House

By weeklyvolcano on February 25, 2007

The darkened room at the Art House had lights focused in on the speaker at the mic. Behind her the trumpet and guitar created a moody ambiance that enhanced the words she uttered.
It wasn’t the typical jazz-tinged spoken word gig, however: when Skie Bender read selections from her book, "The Knife Beneath My Shirt," the experimental sounds emitted from Kevin Jacobs, on guitar and Jason Gutz, on trumpet flowed like sometimes murky water under words that jutted like rocks.

Sections read from sketched the building relationship the protagonist has with India, the mutilated crow she’s s rehabilitating, as well as the relationship the protagonist has as a five year-old with her aunt, as well as with nature; one section develops the nearly consumptive relationship the protagonist has with her art.

The whole evening â€" the readings, the sentiments, and the musical backdrop flowed like best of rivers, ebbing and building up and oddly soothing as the evening progressed.

Jacobs, who will have a showing of his collage works through March at Café Vitta, seemed impressed by the large turnout for the event, comparing it favorably to the publishing parties he and Bender would throw in Los Angeles.

Bender herself, signing books for throngs of approving people, seemed gracious and appreciative of all the positivity around her.

Fun moment for me: seeing the Volcano prominently displayed with Bender’s other novellas and a live Fire Ants CD.

If you missed the event â€" fie on you! You can get your book through here. â€" Jessica Corey Butler