Monsoon Room goes chocolate velvet

By weeklyvolcano on February 7, 2007

Even if you knew nobody at Tacoma's Monsoon Room at the "Parfait Amour" event last night, you couldn’t help but meet and mingle in the intimate space; even if you didn’t drink wine, you couldn’t help but find one to love; and even if you were a jewelry minimalist, you couldn’t help but ooh, ahh, and covet.

Of course, I did see several of my favorite people, I do drink wine, and I do love jewelry (though I don’t wear much of it) so in my eyes, the event was an unqualified success.

Moorooone Owner Laura Malone was stunning in her retro red strapless frock as she shopped through the jewelry by Lisa Kinoshita and Rebecca Aldrich.  The pieces by Kinoshita had a edgy organic feel, while Aldrich had a storyteller’s aesthetic with surprising twists. While Kinoshita played with scale and natural materials like horn, stone, and metal, Seattle artist Aldrich played with whimsy; birds doubled as clasps, while rings served as pincushions.  As different as the pieces were, each artist’s work complimented the other’s.

Moorootwo Mooroothree And while Aldrich and Kinoshita’s wearable art was appreciated, it was the wine and background music that made the event soar.  Ty Cline of Unique Wine Company showcased a great flight of wines ranging from the Fantinel Prosecco from Italy, to the Roshambo “The Reverend” Zinfandel from California, to the Marenco Brachetto d’Aqui (“best served with strawberries and chocolate!” recommends Cline) and lastly, the Deco Chocolate Port (mmmm!)

And the perfect backdrop to this chocolaty glam event was music spun by Chris Oglesby, a musician with an impressive vinyl collection, largely courtesy of his father.  He spins Wednesday nights from 9:30 p.m. to midnight at the Monsoon Room, when you can try the Rock Paper Scissors Mertlot tasted at the event as well as the Fantinel Prosecco for yourself. â€" Jessica Corey-Butler