Miss Manners and Tacoma's Kitchen Stadium

By weeklyvolcano on February 20, 2007

Turns out there was more activity at The Stadium Bistro than originally anticipated tonight: 12 girls showed up for the etiquette class taught by Judi Guthrie, with their respective moms (and a dad) in tow.

Also present, bodies in tables in the front of the house (we waited for our princesses in training at the back of the house) and a reporter and photographer from the Trib.

So I didn’t really get a good sit-down chat with chef Pete Weikel, the younger Peter from Stadium Bistro.

We did get a few words in edgewise, however: yes, the Iron Chef at Kitchen Stadium (Bistro) Tacoma is in the works, and yes, the Stadium space at Stadium Bistro seems like it’ll be the perfect fit.  Possibly other venues will open up, and possibly this could be the coolest thing, ever.

What I took home with me, was the memory of a fabulous salad (pear and goat cheese) and a toasted cheese sandwich/tomato bisque combo that rocked my world for a mere four bucks, as well as a very nice-sipping Malbec.

What I took home with me was a 5-year-old daughter who, though telling me, “Mom I’m so nervous I can’t think right now!” on the way there, was telling me, on the way home, “Mom, we need to go get a soup spoon tomorrow, and when you eat, you need to chew with your mouth closed and never talk.”


Next week: We go back for more, a full meal for the wee Miss. 

Possibly, that’ll mean she won’t want to eat Chee-tos on the way home. â€" Jessica Corey-Butler