Get some 3 Inch Max tonight

By weeklyvolcano on February 9, 2007

It was the worst name Mike Mcnabb could think of and he would, “take it back in a second,” if he could. 3 Inch Max is what Johnny O describes as being pushed to your most. 3 inches left ‘til you explode. “Plus,” he adds, “our minds are obviously in the gutter.” When the band 3 Inch Max first started their early formation in 1998 they were looking for a three-syllable name that crowds could chant. When 3 Inch Max came up it was what made them laugh the most.

Join the laughter and their punk rock tonight at the Matrix Coffeehouse in Chehalis.

3 Inch Max is Mike Mcnabb, Johnny O, Jizzy Shooter, and Sammas. After a small guitar lesson from Jizzy in 98, Mike learned three chords and he couldn’t stop. 3 Inch Max has since then played toured and laughed together loving living and being punk rock. When it comes to the punk rock scene Mike says, “Scene is lame and so cliquey. It’s hard to get a strong following because if your show is in Seattle people from Bellevue won’t come, and in Tacoma it’s like a whole world apart.” He then went on to explain that there is a sort of competition to it and ended “Music shouldn’t be a cockfight.” Johnny O then chimed in “Music shouldn’t be a fashion it’s a spiritual passion.”

All this explanation for punk got me to wonder if the junior high club shows I’d seen punk portrayed in were really true to the cause. Are it the violent mosh pits and crazy little teenagers? But they assured me punk was not that. “It’s punk therapy,” says Mike, “you go to a show and the frustrations of everyday life are gone.” They explained that getting out the feelings they do make them more peaceful in their day to day lives. It keeps them away from those last three inches. â€" Jessie Fouts

[Matrix Coffeehouse, 8 p.m., all ages, $6, 434 Prindle St., Chehalis, 360.740.0492]