Dancing the Tacoma night away with Desiree Flerchinger

By weeklyvolcano on February 4, 2007

Desireeone The first thing you should know about Desiree Flerchinger is that she can seriously shake her groove thing.

While her artistic talent shines through her work, like in the pieces hung at Syren Lounge right now, her booty-shaking aptitude isn’t something you see until she hits the floor.

Unfortunately, at her artist’s reception at Syren last night, she wasn’t really given a chance to shake her thing much, after being given the boot to make room for some “VIPs.”

Desireetwo Desireethree That didn’t impress me much.  But what did impress me was the quality of the work I saw.  There was a diverse selection of pieces that showed her saucy, whimsical side.  The paintings also showcased her innovative technique: in “The Servant” she utilized tiny glass beads and Austrian crystals to achieve a luminous effect not readily seen by the lighting in the space; “Carys Scribble,” based off of a scribble created by a niece showed her rebellious side (she mixed acrylic and oil paints to achieve the texture on that piece); and then there were the pieces like the bright image seen at all the Glass Roots Festival, with grommets containing embedded mirrors.

“I don’t want people to be bored when they see my artwork,” she explains.

Desireefour Desireefive Desireesix Boredom didn’t touch the rest of the night with Flerchinger, though: after a shoddy explanation about the VIP mix up (I’m pretty certain I heard something that sounded like, “$500 dollar table” and “We didn’t think you wanted to stay late and hang out with these young people,”) Flerchinger rallied up the gang and shifted the party to Club Silverstone.

There, serious merriment ensued.

The last thing you should know about Desiree is this: if you go out dancing with her, prepare to dance.  She will accept none of your pansy-ass “my feet hurt,” or “I’m just not a dancer” excuses â€" She will drag you out and force you to have fun.

You can meet her for yourself on March 2, when her new show opens at Jazzbones; there you can see other types of dancers challenging the concept of “stage” and judge her impressive artistic talent for yourself. â€" Jessica Corey-Butler