Coffee and Rhetoric review

By weeklyvolcano on February 10, 2007

Here are a couple of photos from Thursday night’s “Coffee and Rhetoric,” where the community voiced opinions on how to develop stretches of downtown Tacoma’s vacant lots at Cutters Point Coffee.

Coffeerhetoric01 Suggestions ranged from a music venue to a local grocery store to a community garden and low-income housing for artists.

The proceedings intensified and tension mounted between local musicians and a developer with Vision Tacoma who just opened the Marcato, culminating at the end of the show with guest musician Friskey taking up a guitar and composing a song out of thin air called “Opportunistic Bitch” dedicated to the developer.

Opportunisticbitch I asked her later if she had ever had a song written about her.

“Actually, yeah,” she said, “but it was a lot nicer than this one.” â€" Michael Stasiak