Coffee & Rhetoric

By weeklyvolcano on February 6, 2007

Coffeerhetoric Thursday, Feb. 8, Cutters Point Coffee in downtown Tacoma will play host to Tacoma’s only public forum and discussion group, Coffee & Rhetoric, hosted by local fashionista, musician, and badass Josh Carter.

Self-described “politically incorrect” for Tacoma, last week’s repartee swirled around the Theatre District’s new LID construction project and its effects on local retailers. Up for discussion this week is how building developers function in a community and how the community’s voice is heard above the din of construction, featuring special guest Paul Sparks of the Urban Leadership Collaborative.

Edisonsinvention With special musical guest Edisons Invention. â€" Michael Stasiak

[Cutters Point Coffee, Thursday, Feb. 8, 7 p.m., no cover, 1936 Pacific Ave., Tacoma,]