Weekly Volcano featured in City Arts mag

By weeklyvolcano on January 2, 2007

Tacoma's arts scene is so off the chain that we recently scored our own glossy magazine dedicated to covering it. City Arts, a bi-monthly brought to us by Encore Media Group out of Seattle, is a free mag that you'll want to pick up at museums, galleries, restaurants and businesses right away, especially now. The January-February edition features two hot guys that you may have been dying to sneak a peek at: Your very own Ken and Ron Swarner, the publishers of the Weekly Volcano, the Fort Lewis Ranger and the McChord Airlifter.

In the full-page profile pic, Ron is rockin' some wind storm hair, and his shirt is indeed unbuttoned. Ken sports a business jacket. Both of their eyes sparkle.

Sure, City Arts inadvertently reversed the roles â€" Ron is the editor of the Volcano, and Ken is the editor of the Ranger and Airlifter â€" but we love City Arts all the same, for the recognition, the shout out, and the common love and passion we share for everything art related.  In the current issue Jen Graves breaks down the downtown Tacoma revival, and Claire Levine previews our favorite bluegrass weekend, Wintergrass.

Ken and Ron are so proud that they're walking around like they own this freakin' joint. Oh wait, they do. â€" Natasha