Weekend Blowdown

By weeklyvolcano on January 19, 2007

After a couple weeks of avoiding the elements, isn't it time you get a little bit of exercise?

Friday, Jan. 19
EVAN PURCELL CD RELEASE: Hey, Evan, what's the nicest thing anyone ever told you about your music? 

“I tell a story sometimes about a woman who bought the Prairie Dogs album Brand New Heart because of a song I wrote called “Let It Be Of You,” explains Purcell.  “She was a waitress in a Chili’s in Largo Florida and we were on their restaurant music player and she heard the song, found out who sang it, hunted down a CD and bought one.  To me, that was just the coolest thing ever.”


Guitarist Purcell performs a CD release show for Attachments at Northern Pacific Coffee Company at 8 p.m. Jeanlizabeth opens.  Full story here. â€" Angela Jossy

Saturday, Jan. 20
Ianjones118 IAN JONES & THE JONES FAMILY FORTUNE: Ryan Adams popularized what artists such as Steve Earl and Gram Parsons had been doing while he was still a toddler, and thankfully this has opened the door for other musicians who have an affinity for alt country.  Just babes in the Northwest music scene, the Jones Family Fortune are slowing gaining a reputation as a force in the Americana arena.

Formed officially in March of 2006, the group consisting of Ian Jones (guitar, piano, keyboards, harmonica and vocals), Scott Martin (drums and vocals), Jason Gover (bass), and Derek Pulvino (lead guitar) blend indie rock, folk and country, therefore offering many layers to their sound.  Jones’ sensitive voice is complemented by the lush harmonies of Martin. 

While they promise their debut album is coming soon, they have four tracks free for the downloading on MySpace in the meantime. They seemingly pay homage to Dylan with “Blood on the Tracks,” a slow burning tune with just a hint of twang. “She” and “Waiting on a Girl” both possess the pop sensibility of a Tom Petty ditty.  Finally, “As the Night Falls …” is reminiscent of a Grateful Dead composition. 

Guys, get that CD out so we can hear what else you have up your sleeve.  Check them at Jazzbones beginning at 9 p.m. â€" Tony Engelhart

KULTURE LAB: The Kulture Lab's "Censored Art & The Art of Politics" party will delve into the world of politics Saturday, Jan. 20. If your political views are right of center, by all means go to this party. The hosts, the Dead Artists, will prick your consciousness and maybe make you reconsider a few things, even if they don't change your mind. If your political views are left of center, by all means go to the party. The Dead Artists will comfort you in places, certainly. Expect provocative art by Lynn Di Nino, Jesse Edwards, The Dead Artists, and others, a cutting-edge video installation by Jason Gutz, music to tickle your palate and edible art by T.V.Dinners. 

Kulture Lab is at 608 S. Fawcett next to the Grand Cinema.  It begins at 7 p.m.  It's free. - Suzy Stump

Sunday, Jan. 21
TACOMA SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA: The Pantages Theater will be the setting for the Tacoma Symphony Pops performance of "Bernstein & Sondheim On Broadway." "The Tacoma Symphony chooses Pops programs based on what our audience tells us they'd like to hear and what will translate well to an orchestral performance. Broadway tunes are always a popular choice for our audiences and have wide community appeal," explains Lisa Brown, Tacoma Symphony Orchestra marketing director.

Done deal.  Check it at 2:30 p.m. â€" Angela Jossy