Tacoma resolutions

By weeklyvolcano on January 5, 2007

As I work on day six of a New Year, curiosity compels me to ask some of my favorite people what they resolved for the New Year, and how that’s working out for them.

Ms Darcy
Ms Darcy has a sort of non-resolution-y goal for the year, “to change my name.”  Ms Darcy will remain Ms Darcy, but whether she becomes Mrs. RR Anderson or Mrs. AA Rnderson remains uncertain.

The incomparable Julie of urbanXchange was a bit abashed as she admitted to breaking her resolution before it even started, “It was a silly one.” She admits it to me, and I’m happy it didn’t come to fruition.

Daniel Blue
Working on the fine principle that no resolution should go unsupported, Daniel Blue has committed to his with friend William Davick, with whom he’ll be putting on a show in February (hint: autoharps figure prominently).  Davick and Blue hope to impress the masses with shirtlessness, so weights, protein drinks, and prohibition fall in Blue’s plans, while the pact between the two involves “push-ups til we throw up, and sit-ups til we pass out.”

Embellish Multispace Salon
Embellish Multispace Salon owner Trish Lecy-Davis puts a name to her resolution: “to not make any resolutions” after admitting to hitting the snooze rather than the gym the last few mornings; co-day-maker Jade also claims anti-resolution, because “they always get broken.” She adds, “I don’t like to set myself up for failure.”

Gretchen Bailley of zinnia is in the “no resolution” camp, and adds some really good insights based on something she read as to why resolutions in the beginning of the month are acts of futility: “Start your New Year’s resolution on the third week of January, when you’re back in the regular groove.”

www.myspace.com/blackwatertacoma ">Black Water Cafe
Perhaps my favorite non-resolution resolution comes from Rachel at he Black Water, who resolves, but not really, to have more fun this year than last, the same non-resolution she’s not held for the last several years.  She adds, “each year gets better and better.”

Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital
Julia, fave MetVet greeter, explains her lack of resolution-ness with a quote from, possibly, a quote-of-the-day calendar:  “The problem with resolutions is they go in one year and out the other.”

Tiki Lounge
Except, possibly, for me, and the recipient of my “Most ambitious resolution maker” award, Stacey White, Tiki Lounge diva. Hers works in three parts, the first of which involved whole health, to include fitness, eating, drinking, and getting enough sleep; business goals, and spiritual goals. 

Renee’s Chop Shop
Recipient of the “Damn, you rock my world!” award goes to Renee Seamount for resolving to do a half marathon.

Volcano staff
Volcano legends Natasha, Carmen, Suzie Stump, and Brad Allen weren’t available for comment; my rapier-like instinct tells me that Natasha is making good on her “shake my bootie to fitness” party-robics, while Carmen is probably too busy in her dual roles as Volcano scribe and best-darn-worker-on-the-planet to return my call.
My suspicion is that Suzie and Brad might be holed up in some room of the Sheraton for one last look at the interior before it becomes Bellagio, the Sequel, but until I see photos, I’ll never know for sure.
Angie Jossy is also in the non-resolution camp, though she’s mulling over some changes she’d like to make in the coming year.

For me? Since you asked, day five is going very well thanks.  No wine, healthy foods, and healthy movement have made me happier, if not healthier (maybe resolution four should have been, “steer clear of kid-germs.”) â€" Jessica Corey-Butler