Rockaroake rocked last night at Jazzbones

By weeklyvolcano on January 5, 2007

If you give Tacoma a microphone it knows what to do with.  That much is proven night in and night out at karaoke joints all over town.

Now, give Tacoma a microphone and a live band with enough chops to make Kry a bit jealous, and the rest is, well, history. Crazy, drunken, a little off pitch, kicking and jiving history.

Last night at Jazzbones the first round of their Rockaraoke contest went down, and all the above adjectives apply.  Contestants battled all night for a chance to be invited back for the finals, being held Jan. 29. Two rockers were selected â€" Naja, for her White Stripes and Alanis Morissette skills, and Garret, for his memorized, no screen needed version of the Turtle's "Happy Together."

Fun was had by all, and booze was consumed at an alarming pace. Check Jazzbones' Web site for the dates of their upcoming qualifying rounds of Rockaraoke, before the big night, Jan. 29. â€" Matt Driscoll