Original Roadhouse Grill to open in Federal Way

By weeklyvolcano on January 4, 2007

Whenever anyone who was born at least 20 years ago hears the word "roadhouse," he immediately thinks of the cheesy '80s movie with Patrick Swayze and then almost as quickly questions his masculinity â€" unless he assumes Sam Elliott was the star of “Road House,” which he wasn't. I feel that Elliott's presence in the movie makes it much less sexually ambiguous, but I also admits that I sometimes visits a Web site called epicurious.com â€" which I assume really stands for "bicurious.com." Because a real guy remembers that the true star of “Road House” was Kelly Lynch and her killer bod.

Anyway, chain restaurant Original Roadhouse Grill celebrates its grand opening Jan. 15 at 31525 20th Ave. S. in Federal Way. 

A chain restaurant in Federal Way?  Say it isn’t so!

The joint offers an authentic roadhouse menu and feel, roadside restaurant décor, slightly western, peanuts tossed on the floor, and a mesquite aroma floating throughout.

It, of course, is where you can get your meat on, too. â€" Brad Allen