Bobble Tiki's New Year resolution

By weeklyvolcano on January 2, 2007

Bobble Tiki believes despite all the mad orgasm of technology and despite Bobble Tiki’s incredible ability to stay in constant touch and despite how he can receive FedEx packages on tiny islands and text message in The Factory’s restroom, Bobble Tiki feels he’s killing his brain cells like Britney Spears kills a party.  He feels his Treo 1000 whatever makes his life so much easier that he no longer has to think. A happy suicide of mental capacity if you will.

Bobble Tiki is becoming slower and more mellow, just like he feels during a Who Cares show, except all the time.

Therefore, Bobble Tiki’s New Year resolution is to take technology in moderation. He will make a note of it, except he will use R.R. Anderson’s Idea Globe.  Or Anderson's Idea Rack. Bobble Tiki will stare at them like a mantra and then vow to yank the useless charge cord out of his Treo 840 whatever and hang out at the Kickstand Café or search for Bob’s Java Jive’s karaoke machine or read more books full of polysyllabic words or attend more Who Cares shows.

Bobble Tiki will be the wave of the future.

Oh, got to go.  Bobble Tiki’s television tells him that his chicken pot pie is ready in the microwave. â€" Bobble Tiki