Holiday drinking around Tacoma

By weeklyvolcano on November 28, 2006

We see the eggnog come out in the coffee shops and grocery stores and we know the time of year.  Then there are the especially fine barristas who create the holiday coffee drinks to wake us up and make us happy.  Beyond the basic Starbucks gingerbread or eggnog lattes you can find the peppermint love creations at Coffeezaun, a little coffee hut gem on Pearl Street, or the organic Roasted Chestnut lattes at Babblin’ Babs’ Bistro.


But these are the holidays, where shopping pressures and card-sending deadlines loom, and family love often feels more noose-like than warm and fuzzy.

Once upon a time, I was a domestic goddess at the holidays, I met the pressures head with a smile, and a glass of home-made Advocaat (a deliciously vanilla-y smooth vodka eggnog) or a latte with homemade Irish cream, or an eggnog latte with a liberal dose of Kahlua.  Now that, my friends, is kicking holiday cheer up a notch.

Now that I’m no longer thoroughly goddess-like (and since my espresso maker has gone to Heaven) I have discovered my fine cocktail-making friends in Tacoma are here to help.
And I’m here to share.

Michelle at Harbor Lights promises that, whatever the bar menu will feature for the holidays, they will help you “get warm and toasty.”

Greg at Alfred's Cafe and Bubble Room will offer a hot buttered rum with nutmeg, cinnamon, a bit of orange, and of course rum â€" Captain Morgans and Myers â€" carrying on the “toasty” theme.

Damon at the Swiss offers up “old traditional faves” â€" coffee nudges, spiced rum, and the old standard, hot mulled wine.

Noah at Primo Grill heated up my world with his Primo Diablo, a blend of Italian coffee, Frangelico, Grand Marnier, Baileys, and Kahlua, poured into a sugared mug and finished with whip and an orange peel.  I almost proposed marriage to it, though I think I may have to give another guy a shot at my hand first.

That guy would be Aaron at El Gaucho, who had me at “Hot Apple Pie” â€" a martini with Tuaca as well as an apple liqueur, and hot apple cider.  El Gaucho will also re-offer an espresso classic for the season, because nothing says “Christmas Eve” like a sleepless night.

For non-twitchy sleep, there’s Tara, from Stanley and Seafort's, offering up a hot buttered rum, which is made with a specialty batter from a local ice cream company.

Also non-twitchy, but possibly sleep (or happiness)-inducing, Heather’s offering from the Sea Grill: an from-scratch eggnog with brandy, bourbon, and rum.  If you want to be a twitchy-drinker, there’ll be nudges with the holiday Baileys’ (peppermint and caramel) or regular old eggnog with Goldschlager.

Here’s to Merry Holidays! â€" Jessica Corey-Butler