Dia de Los Muertos on Sixth Avenue

By weeklyvolcano on November 2, 2006

Halloween terrified us this year. We cowered behind darkened doors, hoping the pint-size ghosts and goblins didn’t invade when they discover that we’re keeping the candy for ourselves. Time for a change of tradition. So we hit the Sixth Avenue Dia de Los Muertos celebration tonight.  Day of the Dead if you will.  Night of the rain if you will.  Tent. Band.  Puppets. Costumes.  Dead Elvis. Fun.

Sixthavedayofdeadone SixthavedayofdeadtwoSixthdayofthedead3 Sixthdayofthedead4 Sixthdayofthedead5 If you still want to dance with the dead, check out the Tacoma Art Museum festivities Sunday. â€" Suzy Stump