DJ Danno spins at Maggie's tonight

By weeklyvolcano on November 4, 2006

Standing in the middle of Maggie O'Toole's on a Saturday night is like trying to keep Bobble Tiki’s footing in a rushing river.  The steady flow of people in and out of the door, back and forth to the dance floor and to and from the bar ensures a new vista with each passing moment. A hand lands on Bobble Tiki’s waist, a face in his neck. Bodies meld under the pressure of a crowded room.  It’s an experience in proximity. It reminds Bobble Tiki of a Tokyo subway â€" not the usual for quaint, sleepy Lakewood. But at this hot spot of the moment, it’s just another weekend.

Not too long ago, Maggie’s was what one friend of Bobble Tiki’s called “the sausage party.” With its pool tables, myriad and mammoth TV screens broadcasting all the games and decidedly masculine aesthetic, the Irish sports bar just wasn’t that popular with the ladies. But the tide has turned. 

Tonight DJ Danno spins Lakewood’s favorite mixture of Top 40 and R&B during Ladies Night.  Chicks get in free before 11 p.m.  Nice. â€" Bobble Tiki