Tacoma Greek Festival

By weeklyvolcano on October 6, 2006

Bobble Tiki loves the Tacoma Greek Festival opening its doors this today. He loves the group dancing, the fine food, hell, he even loves yelling "Opa!" for no apparent reason. But let's be real. If you're anything like Bobble Tiki, the entire festival is just a complicated set dressing for a baklava-delivery system. Oh, he'll hang out and listen to them ramble on about Socrates, the Olympics and "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," but Bobble Tiki will be picking the flaky crumbs from his Hawaiian shirt and stuffing them into his hungry taste-hole as the Greek folk dancing perform. Bobble Tiki will dance and eat the food, not just because he likes it, but in an attempt to bring the honey content in his blood down low enough so he can scarf down another slab of triangular goodness. It'll be stickier than Brad Allen at The Loft.  The Tacoma Greek Festival runs Oct. 6-8 at the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church on South Yakima in Tacoma. â€" Bobble Tiki