Family rocks Hell's Kitchen tonight

By weeklyvolcano on July 19, 2006

Peanutbutterhoneytoast Here's the story of a man named Hans Henriksen who is raising three kids of his own.  They all live togther in a Gig Harbor apartment.  Yet they don't rock out.
Until one day. ...
What does a divorcee do with three children who don't taking their music lessons seriously?  He shows them how to rock. 
After several feeble attempts to get his kids to take their music instruments seriously Henriksen suggested they form a rock band. 
“I have always loved music, but never really played.,” Henriksen told the Weekly Volcano. “I picked up a sax when I was in my 20s and taught myself to play.  Just melodies and show tunes.  I believe in music and have tried to encourage it in each of my children.”
Henriksen says each child received an instrument for their 7th birthday. 
“Kimber, now 13, wanted a keyboard. Wolf, now 10, wanted a guitar.  They fooled around with these, but mostly they were great dust magnets.  I bought them books and worked with them, but I never saw work going into the instruments to make lessons worthwhile.”
It wasn't until Walker, now 8, received the drums he wanted that Henriksen got his bright idea.
“I was not sure about this.  Walker couldn't keep a beat to save his life,' Henriksen says.  “I have video from when he was 6, and he was the only one of his classmates who couldn't clap in time.  Drums where going to be expensive, and we had no place for them.  I finally used space as my excuse and asked the kids, “If we get Walker drums for his birthday, where will we put them?” 
The kids decided to get rid of the television. 
“So for Christmas 2004 we donated an entire entertainment center (TV, VCR, DVD, Surround Sound System) to a family in need, and have been television free ever since,” Henriksen says.  “Walker turned 7 on Jan. 1, 2005, and got his drum kit.  I bought him the books and started working with him, and he actually started playing.  I realized we had everything for a band, and saw a great family building opportunity and asked them about it.  They became passionate about being a band.”
Tonight, the Hendriksen clan, as Peanut Butter & Honey Toast, takes the stage at Hell's Kitchen.  The door for this all-ages show opens at 5:30 p.m.  The Empty Hollow, Grenerds, Spazo Kardia and The Electric Sockets join the family.  Admission is $10 at the door.
Check back here tonight for a LIVE review.
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