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July 3, 2006 at 7:11am

John Doe in West Seattle

Legendary X co-founder John Doe hits the road again in support of his most recent release, Forever Hasn't Happened Yet (Yep Roc Records). Doe will perform at the West Seattle Hi-Yu Summer Festival Friday, July 14, at 5:45 p.m.
In the tradition of Doe's acclaimed solo albums, Forever continues to explore the artistic and emotional common ground between punk and American roots music.  "His strongest solo album," says The New Yorker. "Doe's best," says The Wall Street Journal. Come see him for yourself.
On July 25th, Yep Roc will also be releasing For the Best of Us, a CD of reissued and unreleased solo work John recorded in 1998. â€" Brad Allen

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July 3, 2006 at 9:46am

Anti-Nazi protest concert

Hate Nazis?  Love the rock music?
There's a anti-Nazi show with a butt load of bands today at Manium in downtown Olympia.  Bands scheduled to perform include: Revolution of Madness, Disgustulence, Mazel Tov Cocktail, Down And Out, The Syrens, Bill Skins Fifth Will Punch You Right In The Face, HIV, Rocket Attack, Million Of Dead Cops (unplugged), Butt Trumpet, CB-Militia, Outnumbered, Wack Job and Nervosa.
The show begins at 4 p.m.  Admission is $5 with proceeds going to the United Negro College Fund.  â€" Brad Allen

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July 3, 2006 at 12:50pm

Cheap Trick Rockford

"Fresh Air" music critic Ken Tucker reviews Rockford, the new album by the rock band Cheap Trick, who were best known for their late '70s pop-rock hits and impaling guitar picks into skulls. â€" Bobble Tiki

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July 3, 2006 at 1:40pm

Loft Foam Party

The Loft Nightclub has a special treat for you, and it’s gonna be all over the dance floor. One word, four letters, starts with “f”; the next letter is a vowel, and the last letter is a consonant.
Bet you thought from Bobble Tiki’s clues it was going to be an Anglo-Saxon word for fornication, huh?  But trust him, foam is even better than that other word, since while that other word can imply fornication it can also be a curse uttered out of anger or disappointment.  Foam, on the other hand, always produces good feelings! Unless it’s in a glass of beer and you got cheated out of extra beer.
The Loft will pump out the foam tonight on the scantily-clad Loft patrons.  You see, the ladies who dance at The Loft usually wear cocktail napkins for outfits.  Tonight, they’ll wear even less.    
When the clock strikes 10 â€" that’s 22 to the fellow-Euro-trashers, ha, kidding again, Euro-partiers â€" this dance floor will be inundated with 50,000 cubic feet of medium-grade-density rainbow foam for your grinding pleasure while DJs spin their magic.  No dress code either.  And remember â€" what happens in the foam stays in the foam!  Tonight, doors at 9 p.m., The Loft, 2106 Pacific Ave., downtown Tacoma, (253) 227-2582. â€" Bobble Tiki

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July 3, 2006 at 3:54pm

Storm Large on 'Supernova'

I was thumbing through my new issue of Spartacus, the adult store catalog, when my favorite Wednesday night girlfriend popped out of the page.  Storm Large â€" the six-foot gorgeous rocker who, with her band The Balls, rocks out Portland's Dante's every Wednesday with her lounge-core mash ups â€" is dolled up in studded choke collars and taunts me with her black handcuffs.
However, as her regulars know, Storm is on hiatus from the Wednesday night gigs as she is a contestant on Tommy Lee's "Supernova" television show, which begins Wednesday, July 5, on CBS.  For the full story, check out the Portland Mercury's blog.
As for the catalog, it's all mine suckas. â€" Brad Allen

July 4, 2006 at 10:38am

Happy Fourth!

If you’re anything like Bobble Tiki then you’re about halfway done healing after having been on the wrong end of a dangerous, though admittedly riotous, prank involving a bratwurst bun and three-dozen bottle rockets. Sometimes patriotism hurts.
Happy Fourth everyone! â€" Bobble Tiki

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July 5, 2006 at 8:31pm

Storm Large 'Supervova'

Storm Large led off tonight's CBS "Rock Star Supernova" competion with The Who's "Pinball Wizard," seducing the crowd rather than running around like a fool.  Storm Large is one of 16 hopefulls competing for lead vocals of Supernova, the super group featuring  Tommy Lee (Motley Crüe), Jason Newsted (Metallica) and Gilby Clarke (Guns N' Roses). This is the second edition of CBS's "Rock Star" talent contest.  In the first season, INXS found their new lead singer in Canadian J.D. Fortune. â€" Brad Allen

July 6, 2006 at 8:36am

Pints and Quarts and Lacey, oh my!

Natasha_19 SCENE OF THE CRIME by Natasha
Busting out of your regular scene is important. 
The good news about that?  Lacey is just a stone's throw away from Tacoma.
There's one place in particular there that shivers me timbers: Pints and Quarts.
Your mother truly had the right idea when she trained you to mind your Ps and Qs.
Angela, my homie from college, bought a condo in Lacey a couple of years ago.  I'd never been to that city before in my life, but she convinced me that this particular spot was the bull's-eye.
The most interesting angle on Pints and Quarts is that it's a former 7-Eleven convenience store. That's some funny s@#%. They even retained the refrigerated space for the beverages with the glass doors, but instead of grabbing your Gatorade, the bartenders serve up a wide array of bottled beers and, as you could infer from the name, scrumptious beers on tap. They also have a full bar, which makes it tough to not sneak in a couple of redheaded slut shots or what has now become the cliché Jäger bomb.   
More great news for you booze hounds: You actually get to choose between a pint and a quart.  I generally opt for the latter.  Duh.
The crowd at Pints and Quarts is quite happy-go-lucky. There's usually a low-key band playing in the corner, or there's a DJ that spins the kind of Top 40 tunes that lead to seat dancing or, for some of the more gregarious, air guitar.
As you can imagine, its mystic 7-Eleven past means that it's not that big of a place, but I think that's what adds to the joint's success. Pints and Quarts is completely approachable. It's been packed every time I've been there, but there always seems to be a chair for everyone. 
Want to know what I consider to be one of Pints and Quarts' best attributes? There's this drop-dead, smokin' hot group of firefighters who frequent the place.  You can check them out in the firefighter calendar (that's SO dreamy) at www.firefightercalendar.com/. My Pints and Quarts firefighter friends are about to promote and release the 2007 calendar.  The proceeds fund burn research to improve the lives of victims, so rather than just gawking at them at Pints and Quarts, you can support their cause, too.
There's another facet of Pints and Quarts that you might not know about - They serve great breakfast. Angela and I usually rock it there until closing time; then we head back in the morning (11 a.m.) for the standard breakfasts that are perfect for recapping, or rather, disparaging about the events from the night before.  Dare I mention the fact that one of our girlfriends accidentally made out with two guys in one night there, and they both had the same name? I'm purposely leaving the names out to protect the innocent (well, maybe innocent isn't the right word, but you know what I'm saying).
My recommendation - go to Lacey now.
I'm your pusher.
Pints and Quarts, 1230 College Ave., Lacey, (360) 438-9183

Tell me where you like to party here.

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July 6, 2006 at 8:56am

Oh, the humanity!

Gingerknoxx_14 PERMANENT LIPSTICK by Ginger Knoxx
Masses of sweaty people bumping into me is not my idea of fun; yet, once again I found myself in their midst at Freedom Fair on Ruston Way. Sure it was my idea (since I have completely lost my mind lately) for my family to drive up from Olympia, slather sunscreen on, drive two miles, get out and walk down to Ruston to willingly be assaulted by the smells of humanity in the scorching sun. Thank heaven for the breeze and for Randy Oxford and his soothing presence. He walked by right at the moment I was ready to throw my hands in the air and declare the day over after a small dirty child had stomped on my foot. Instead I swallowed my ogre rage and exchanged pleasantries. Daddy Knoxx complimented him on the amazing jam night at Jazzbones Wednesday past, and we met his fabulous wife, Jane. Bless you, Randy, for saving the Knoxx family's Fourth of July.

Up at the crack of dawn or pretty dang close is such a great way to start the weekend off. I scooped up Pappi Swarner for a morning walk along the Ruston Waterfront. An hour and a half later, we took our sweaty selves to Old House Café for a great, relaxing birthday lunch (his, not mine) on the patio in the shade. How have I never gone there before now? The food was excellent and the produce so fresh I half expected to see the farmer's truck idling in the alley. A quick stop at Black Water Café for a juice smoothie served by charming Wes, and then I was off for a facial at Remedy 450. The ladies there were so gracious and the atmosphere so calming that I fell asleep during the skin treatment and was awakened by the sound of snoring (oh my gawd, I told you guys I snore!). I highly recommend the place.
Feartrainone_1 Pappi Swarner's birthday evening was fun, fun, fun. Chesty, Natasha and I met up with him, Soul Patch, their lovely wives and friends after a celebratory dinner at Asado.  The party continued at the Boneyard for Fear Train Caravan and Tangerine Space Odyssey.  Hollywood and his beautiful blonde girlfriend scored envious rock star parking right out front and then entered like royalty for cocktails and music. The Eklunds introduced me to friends of theirs, and Ted plied me with compliments and declared Jazzbones had the best damn bottled water around. A regular from the Shoboat remembered seeing me there and struck up conversation. That was a blast from the past! (Did anyone else hear that the casino there is having bands play?) As the girls and I were enjoying the evening air out front, a guy walked up and asked us if this was indeed Jazzbones and where should he go to get in. I couldn't resist and quickly shot back, "the door." I guess I cannot help being sarcastic to strangers who ask questions with obvious answers. The huge Jazzbones signs and double doors should have tipped him off. Midnight chimed, and although Can U was about to hit the stage followed by The Forgery, we craved a change of scenery and headed en mass to Magoo's with Robcat in tow. It was a bit mellow for a Saturday. Some guys from high school whom I hadn't seen in ages were playing pool. Turns out Natasha knew them as well. She went to college with the guys, confirming my longtime belief that the world is a very, very small place. After hours on the rooftop of Sky Terrace was more than just beautiful that time of night.

SUNDAY, July 2
I felt a trip to Olympia to visit with family was definitely in order since I hadn't seen my bro - The Kid - since before he got married (what?) and he was back in town! Sister Tess was visiting from the homeland on her way to Hawaii, and a nice home cooked meal is never to be turned down.

669 band
Kim Archer Band, 669, and the Raging Grannies along with others will provide high-energy entertainment at Out in the Park this Saturday, July 8. 669 is a five-piece alternative rock band from Seattle that has the distinction of having an electric violin in the band. Not too many bands can pull that off even though combining genres and instruments is all the rage lately. Speaking of rage, The Raging Grannies offer tongue-in-cheek comedic delivery of serious political messages. Check it. Saturday, July 8, 11 a.m., free, Wright Park, Sixth and I St., Tacoma, www.outintacoma.org.

Give me a wink and a kiss here.  Knoxx knows.

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July 6, 2006 at 10:44am

Natasha's Fourth of July recap

Natasha_20Here are Nasty Natasha’s Top 10 ways to get your swerve on for the Fourth.

1. Go to Doyle’s and start drinking Stella during the standing-room-only amazing World Cup game. Make fun of the people who were rooting for Germany.
2. Make your move to Ruston Way and park your car three miles away from the Freedom Fair. High five yourself for wearing comfortable flip flops.
3. Take your first pit stop at the Ram garden because it’s the first one you get to.
4. Drink more beers in Duke’s garden and dance to country music even though you hate that noise.
5. Shimmy over to the Syren garden. Get alleged “margaritas” that are more firewater than mix because the bartender has a crush on you. Forget that you’re drinking them because you’re surrounded by a gaggle of boys who collectively give themselves mohawks on Ruston Way every Fourth. Laugh, laugh, laugh.
6. Go back to Duke’s for the excellent view of the fireworks from their deck. Celebration shots are mandatory.
7. Drink more beers inside Duke’s to keep warm.
8. Go back downtown. Have your friends pick you up at Duke’s because drunk driving kills.
9. Have some final Fourth nightcaps at Doyle’s.
10. Crash at your friend’s apartment near there, and do the walk of shame to the bus in the same outfit from the night before.

God bless America.

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