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Tinder Live

Comedian Lane Moore guides you through online dating in all its messy, hilarious glory

Lane Moore’s Tinder Live skirts cynicism and finds comedy in the complexities of dating. Photo credit: Mindy Tucker

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Online dating has survived years of skepticism and scoffing from those who believe true human connections can only be made in person; for some, admitting that they'd met their significant other on the Internet was felt to be a fairly taboo confession. But, with the Internet increasingly invading every aspect of our lives, and with one of its main functions being to unite likeminded individuals, what could be more natural than to use this great equalizer to navigate the heart? After sites like Match and OKCupid had their time at the top of the heap, Tinder burst on the scene five years ago to provide those seeking love with a level of instant gratification previously unforeseen.

It's in this spirit that comedian Lane Moore created Tinder Live, a show based in New York City that sees Moore and a panel of guests scrolling through the dating app and looking for a match. Though the show is ultimately rooted in comedy, with much of the highlights coming from a critical examination of real people's profiles, there's a lighthearted positivity that forms the core of Tinder Live: if, after all, so many of us are using Tinder, why not take the opportunity to laugh at the silliness of it all?

"Sometimes, there's a level of shock, wondering how this person thought that would be a good profile photo, or thought this thing would be appropriate to put in their bio," said Moore. "But, there are times when there'll be someone who just has a bunch of shirtless selfies, and then you start talking to them and you're like, ‘Oh my gosh, you seem like a good dude.' (Laughs.) So, you can be surprised one of two ways: that people are so awful, or that people have hidden depths. I can still be surprised, after almost four years (of doing the show), almost like a marriage. But I really believe that most of the people in the world are hidden romantics. It's not cool to say, it's not cool to admit, and we live in a cynical society, but as we see in the show, we all secretly want things to work out."

Each profile Moore and her guests -- which, for her Tacoma show, will feature Del Brown and Najamoniq Todd of local electro-rock outfit Mirrorgloss -- take a look at is dissected, with the audience weighing in about which whether Moore should swipe right or left. Ideally, the night ends with Moore finding a love connection, but no matter the outcome, the journey is always a hilarious look at human nature.

So, what makes a good Tinder profile? There are a lot of ways to go -- including, as Moore says, just trying your best to communicate that you're a good person. Still, she has one piece of advice that might seem counterintuitive to people who think of Tinder as an app for hooking up.

"Don't be afraid to be earnest!" said Moore. "If you're a guy out there on this app, and you actually want a relationship, even though that seems to be culturally frowned upon, say it, because you might meet the right person. ... I actually know people that met on Tinder and are now getting married."

In case there are any people out there that have no familiarity with Tinder, don't be concerned that Tinder Live will be unapproachable for you. As Moore confirms, anyone with a head, a heart, and an understanding of the messiness of the dating scene will find something to enjoy in the show. It certainly doesn't hurt that it's funny as hell.

Tinder Live, 7:30 p.m., Friday, Oct. 27, $19-$39, Pantages Theater, 901 Broadway, Tacoma, 253.591.5890,

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