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Comic Strippers

An explosion of ridiculousness

Not actually naked, but still funny. Photo courtesy Shantero Production

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Theater has always held a special place in my heart. Whether it was Broadway's legendary Wicked, or a hometown performance of Pirates of Penzance, it's an opportunity for everyone to gather and celebrate this art form. Growing up it was something that Mom and Dad always drug you to because your sister had the lead roll in the high school play. Growing older I truly believe the tables have slightly turned. Now it's our turn to drag our parents out for a night on the town and go catch the show. Needless to say, theater and improv is something people take great pride in, and it only makes sense that it's celebrated and enjoyed by the public.

University of Puget Sound has a very extensive theater program. It allows students and aspiring theater buffs to make, and understand, the theatrical world and what it entails. Anne Washburn, a contemporary playwright, has created a play that showcases the theater program. Mr. Burns is a play that demonstrates what The Simpsons would look like as a community that survived the apocalypse. "Their traumas include the meltdown of nuclear power plants, widespread epidemics, of the permanent failure of the nation's electrical grid," said Sara Freedman, director of the production. Having not seen this play, I cant tell you how it all unfolds, however, I can say that the ending will surprise you.

Even though theater can be a family affair, the show coming to the Washington Center is definitely not. Feb. 25, The Comic Strippers are putting on a show that is sure to leave you rolling with laughter out of the theater. "This show is an explosion of ridiculousness," said Ken, who plays Chip on The Comic Strippers crew. One thing I really loved about this show is that this crew of six guys, coming in all shapes, ages, and sizes, are 100 percent comfortable with who they are. Instead of limiting themselves on what people's perception might be, they simply just laugh about it. "It's a fake parody stripper group that wants to get into improve," said Chip, member of The Comic Strippers. So give yourself an excuse to have a date night with your better half, or ladies, leave the boys at home and have a girls' night out! I wouldn't recommend missing this show on Saturday, but if you do you can find tour dates on

Mr. Burns, 7:30 p.m., Feb. 24-25, March 2-3, 2, March 4, Norton Clapp Theater, 1500 N. Warner St. #1084, $11 general public, $7 seniors and students, 253.879.3100,

The Comic Strippers, 7:30 p.m., Saturday, Feb. 25,, The Washington Center, 512 Washington St. SE, $30, 360.753.8586,

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