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Finding an amazing show in Seattle

Broadway tour of Finding Neverland flies in for the week

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The Academy Award-winning movie, Finding Neverland took the second star to the right and flew into Seattle this week with a Broadway-veteran cast and show packed with catchy songs and stage antics sure to be one of the best things you’ve witnessed in the theater for quite some time.
You have four days to catch this account of J.M. Barrie, and how he developed the story of Peter Pan at the turn of the 20th Century.  It combines not only a show within a show, but also the touching story of four boys and their mom who provided Barrie with the inspiration of Neverland.
Finding Neverland is stacked with talent, plus the playful music, lyrics and book that kept the show alive on Broadway for 17 months.  The cast, many Broadway mainstays, are stellar, as is the choreography and special effects.  You have until Sunday evening to see something special.  For tickets, click on

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