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A new Point Ruston hot spot you’ll want to set your sights on

Big flavors join the waterfront dining scene. Photo credit: Dutch Randall

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ANNOUNCER: While Tacoma is already known for great Korean food and abundant breweries, now Tacomites can hit the Ruston waterfront for both in one location. Kobrew has united the city's love of breweries and quality Korean cuisine under one roof. Dutch and Jackie head down to the water front to enjoy this combination.

JACKIE: Though the floor plan remains pretty open, the Kobrew revamp has added some tactful partitions that make the space feel less like a cafeteria that it once resembled. The concept is an excellent addition to the Point Ruston dining scene, which is precisely why we were so eager to come check it out.

DUTCH: Though the house brews are currently brewed at Magnuson Brewery in Seattle, there are plans in place for tanks to be installed so the brews will be made in-house as intended. Unique brews, like the Green Tea Lager, that has a subtle green tea flavor that combines with a crisp lager and hoppy tone. Even more distinctive is the Guava Passion Fruit Sour, which combines a fruity and tart flavoring that is surprisingly refreshing.

JACKIE: The cocktail selection has some fun flavors and playful presentations and is completely worth dabbling in, as well. Though I look forward to them dialing in the cocktail program. I spied Korean Wings on the menu and had to try them out! Double fried and glazed with your choice of Sweet Garlic, Soy, Spicy Gochujang or Dry, there's a little something for every wing lover. I opted for the spicy and was delighted by a heat that builds in a rich, sticky sauce. Each bite boasted a delectable, crisp breading that was addictive. Service style is unique here in that each dish is delivered as it is ready, so you may find some members of your party waiting on their selections while others happily nosh. Knowing this going in is key; don't let it ruin the experience.

DUTCH: I started with the Kimchi Jeon advertised as a crispy pancake with kimchi and vegetables with a soy dipping sauce. Neither the sauce nor the pancakes were as listed. The dish has plenty of welcomed flavor especially when combined with the spicy, sesame sauce, but I would have preferred a crispy pancake as I'm accustomed over the years of enjoying Asian dishes. The pancakes were soft and lacked the texture I was hoping for; the spicy sauce was so full of flavor that it saved the pancakes from being a total loss.

JACKIE: The Bulgogi Beef Sliders were essentially mini bacon cheeseburgers with whispers of soy and sesame and pillowy brioche buns bringing it all together. The Korean Fried Chicken, like the wings, featured a perfectly crisp crunch with Kobrew IPA brined chicken thighs twice-fried with a vodka batter. Totally dreamy but the highlight of my smorgasbord was the Bibimbap. Drool. Served in a stone bowl, you have steamed rice topped with seasonal veggies, spicy gochujang sauce and finished with a fried egg. The veggies are a touch al dente, giving each bite a fresh and healthy quality. Get a bit of all components onto your fork including the sauce and egg yolk for the ultimate bite. The dish is satisfying to devour for both your eyes and your belly.

DUTCH: I also gave the Korean Fried Chicken Sliders a try and could have eaten a dozen of these little guys! Two chicken thighs are deep-fried to a crispy crunch, tossed in the house gochujang sauce that was sweet with a bit of a kick. The buns are tender brioche rolls that have been toasted and combined with fresh iceberg lettuce, which adds yet even more crunch to each bite. My only regret here is that I didn't actually eat a full dozen -- they really are that good.

JACKIE: If Kobrew consistently delivers the level of flavortown we found on our journey, they may swiftly become my go-to Point Ruston establishment. Those wings ... Le sigh.

KOBREW, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., Sunday-Thursday; 11 a.m. to midnight, Friday-Saturday, 5108 Grand Loop, Tacoma, 253.267.5010,

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