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Da Tiki Hut

Welcome your taste buds to the Hawaiian Islands

The Plate Lunch offers something for everyone at Da Tiki Hut. Photo credit: Dutch Randall

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ANNOUNCER: After a grease fire forced Da Tiki Hut to close for repairs last year, the Sixth Ave. staple has reopened its doors. Dutch and Jackie jumped at the chance to enjoy traditional Island treats and see if the family-friendly atmosphere outlasted the closure.

DUTCH: That interior was just as I remembered, but mostly I was happy to see the family-friendly mood remained here. As good as the food is here, the staff is what keeps me coming back time after time. You are guaranteed to feel welcome the minute you enter when an entire staff greets you.

JACKIE: I am no connoisseur of Polynesian eats but I know that Da Tiki Hut is a favorite for those looking for tasty grub that has them reminiscing about the Big Island. I started with both the regular and spicy Ahi Poke. Served with a scoop of rice, wakame salad and roe, both poke dishes are fresh and tasty. If you're sensitive to texture, be warned that some bites had some textural issues that may offend those squeamish. But the flavors were delivered nicely.

DUTCH: I love a good Loco Moco, and the servings here are both loaded with traditional flavors and hearty-sized servings. This plate is proof that eggs are not just for breakfast. A serving of rice is topped off with a fried burger patty, covered in rich brown gravy, and then topped off with an over-easy fried egg. I love to poke the egg and let the yolk mingle with the brown gravy and rice. The plate offers a simple combination of flavors and textures that I find sinfully satisfying.

JACKIE: The Tiki Chicken is essentially chicken teriyaki, and I didn't mind one bit. For me, though, the major highlights were all about the sides. The Spam Musubi is executed simply and deliciously. I don't know why anyone hates on canned meat, that's good stuff. And the Mac Salad at Da Tiki Hut is craveable. I like to add a scoop of it with each bite of the tiki chicken I scooped up to my pie hole.

DUTCH: When I arrive with a big appetite, I grab the large-sized Plate Lunch which offers helpings of Kalua Pork, Tiki Chicken, and Korean Chicken. I love them all, and with this dish, I don't have to make a decision. And if that's not enough, the whole thing comes with rice, and since I enjoy the Mac Salad as much as Jackie . . . well, there was a big scoop of that for my enjoyment as well.

DA TIKI HUT, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., Tuesday-Thursday; 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., Friday-Saturday; closed Sunday-Monday, 4427 Sixth Ave., Suite 101, Tacoma

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