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Brews, dogs and games

CaskCades in Puyallup carves an interesting niche

Fall into the burning ring of fire (dog that is). Photo credit: Jackie Fender

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ANNOUNCER: Right in the heart of downtown Puyallup along Meridian that features several locally popular bars and food joints, CaskCades has carved out its own little niche offering diners a selection of creative hot dogs and plenty of family games, both in board and arcade versions. Dutch and Jackie head into town with their A game.

DUTCH: There are a handful of starters worthy of munching on before diving into the signature hot dogs. The CaskCades mix is a great starter option as a healthy-sized plate of meats and cheeses. Additionally, the green bean fries are a must! Breaded green beans are fried to a crispy texture that can only be described as perfection, and then served with both a side of ranch and Thai chili, offering creamy and spicy options. And it's a vegetable, so it has to be somewhat healthy.

JACKIE: The beer selection is displayed on TV screens bar side and include over 30 libations to choose from including dry ciders, rich stouts and hoppy IPAs. I opted for a nitrogenated brown ale that was malty and creamy. The Charcuterie Board was our starter option and definitely exceeded my expectations. A selection of three cheeses, salami, prosciutto, pickles, olives, candied walnuts and crackers were easily a starter you could spy on the menu of a hoity-toity joint. The sweet and briny balance had me going back, thirstily to my beer. 

DUTCH: Even with the variety of choices available, my choice was simple, the NW Chili Dog is what you'd expect from a chili dog with an all beef hot dog smothered in golden cheese and chili, but the NW version is then topped off with cream cheese. This is a must-get. Some of the more creative versions may not be for the faint of heart as there are two dessert dogs on the menu -- the S'More, which covers its dog with chocolate chips, graham cracker crumbs and marshmallows; and the Captain PB&J, that is a peanut butter and jelly dog, but with Captain Crunch cereal. Like I said, they are designed for the food adventurers. 

JACKIE: I had to dig into the Mac Mountain. A mountain indeed. This dog was piled high with ooey-gooey cheesy mac, bacon bits and a drizzle of mustard. Decadent. The Ring of Fire was delivered with a disclaimer from the server, "if it gets too spicy, we do have milk." Not for the faint of heart but a kick I love in my life. This dog is dressed with sport peppers, cream cheese, sriracha, bacon, and Aardvark sauce. Add to that a sweet tease with strawberry jam, uh yes, puh-lease! 

DUTCH: Dogs are not the only options available. If you're looking for something a bit healthier, there are a few salads and wraps available such as the Southwest which gathers chicken, bacon, and assorted Southwest flavors including fried jalapenos. Another option that packs some flavor is the Chicken Caesar that has everything you expect from a Caesar salad but available as a wrap as well. With all this goodness to enjoy, the best part is actually that until 10:30 p.m., guests of all ages are welcome. So, feel free to bring the whole family with you during lunch and dinner. Heck, your kids should be in bed by that hour anyway ... right?

JACKIE: I mean ... I guess? But seriously, we took full advantage and used our lunch time excursion as a family date day. If you need to know anything about me, know that I will throw down at some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, arcade-style. They also have a plethora of board games and pinball machines for your entertainment. No need to bring the spawn, but know you can if you choose to. 

CASKCADES,noon to 10 p.m., Monday-Wednesday; noon to 11 p.m., Friday; noon to midnight, Saturday; 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., Sunday; 106 N. Meridian, Puyallup, 253.256.4210,

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