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Good eats on wheels

Street Eats Mobile Eatery

Bread and pickles are great partners to the Hot Chicken. Photo credit: Dutch Randall

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ANNOUNCER: Open just a few months now, the Street Eats Mobile Eatery is beginning to get a solid customer base willing to follow them around the South Sound. Floating between Bonney Lake and Tacoma, Dutch and Jackie got out the GPS this week and chased them down.
DUTCH: Chasing down a food truck is a bit like rolling the dice, as business tends to be more fluid than a brick-and-mortar spot. However, Street Eats has established a few permanent locations; you can find them for lunch on Thursdays at Dillanos Coffee Roasters in Sumner, and dinner at Off Camber Brewing in Puyallup; on Friday evenings in Tacoma at Edison City Alehouse, and finally on Saturdays at Caskcades in Puyallup for lunch. Where ever you visit them, don't call them a food truck; they prefer a chef's kitchen on wheels.

JACKIE: If you keep up with their website or social media, hunting them down isn't too difficult. The plethora of locales makes it great because you can catch them all over the South Sound with ease. If you have a special occasion coming up, you can even reach out and delight your guests with Street Eats selections.  
DUTCH: The only available side on the menu is the tots. Offered in two flavors - either Cajun or Black and Blue. Both come with housemade ketchup as a side, and both have a bit of a kick, but the Cajun is spicy hot, just as one would expect whereas the Black and Blue is dusted with dehydrated blue cheese that provides a kind of creamy pungent along with a little peppery kick. The tots themselves are super crispy at first bite, and then soft and warm on the inside, just like tots are supposed to be.

JACKIE: I mean, do you even need any other side options? Tots, each and every time. The Cajun was where it was at for me. They boast that crave-able and addictive kick that keeps you popping them in your mouth one after the other like a tot-chowing beast.
DUTCH: I grabbed hold of the Hot Chicken, which was exactly that -- hot! Two thighs floured and deep-fried to a crunchy exterior and a juicy interior. They are then tossed and completely smothered in what can only be described as a concoction of chilies that sneaks up on you after the first bite. Both pieces are placed atop slices of plain white bread that serve well as a bland balance to the spicy chicken. Also on the side is a pile of truck pickles, which offer a fresh cucumber flavor with a bit of a vinegar hint to them. Though the bread and pickles are great partners to the Hot Chicken, I'd also suggest an ice-cold beer as a chaser.
JACKIE: We were on the same wavelength this round, Dutch. That perfectly seasoned, delectable crunch from the coating was the epitome of what it looks like when an establishment understands the importance of texture. I'm looking forward to my next Easter egg hunt to chow down and pair an ice-cold brew with another of their menu offerings.

STREET EATS MOBILE EATERY, various locations, 253.302.1011,

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