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King Solomon's Reef

Hearty, homey meals with a funky vibe in Olympia

King Solomon’s Reef’s chicken and waffles allows you to combine breakfast with another meal. Photo credit: Dutch Randall

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Announcer: It was due time that Jackie and Dutch headed to Olympia to indulge in some classic diner grub. The King Solomon's Reef signage called out like a beacon, so the two popped into their cars and heeded the call.

Jackie: King Solomon's Reef catches my attention every time I visit Oly. Even before I cross the threshold, the brightly colored, funky font calls my name from the side of the building like a moth to a flame. The entire vibe of King Solomon's is a rad matrimony of retro, hip and dive-y. With hours of operation ranging from 8 a.m. until 3 a.m., I feel like these walls have some stories to tell.

Dutch: Oh yeah. I love the casual atmosphere that the entire city of Olympia exudes, and this funky little diner is in part a large contributor to the culture.

Jackie: As per usual, if it's breakfast all day, I'm on it. No exceptions. I'm still riding the nostalgia wave of last week and kept my selections simple. The french toast is six hearty pieces for a very reasonable price and highlights cinnamon-y goodness with a sprinkling of powdered sugar: They're not reinventing the wheel here, but it's comforting and delicious all the same. The eggs benedict was executed to perfection as well. It's all about that yolk porn, in a properly poached egg and creamy, bright hollandaise.

Dutch: I'm also a fan of breakfast all day, but then again, when I see an option that allows me to combine breakfast with another meal, I'm motivated to move past a simple plate of pancakes. The chicken and waffles is just that dish. A large buttermilk waffle is topped with two pieces of pressure-fried chicken (choice of dark or white meat), cooked juicy and crispy with just a little char, which I like. Served with butter and maple syrup, this splits the middle between breakfast and lunch. And if you're really hungry, grab the half chicken and two-waffle version.

Jackie: I appreciate some solid vegan options for those with dietary restrictions, but next on my to-try list includes their famous chicken and waffles and Mac and Cheese. Maybe at the same time, even. Why not give my arteries a little something to whine about?

Dutch: What I always appreciate about good diner food is the old favorites that are hard to find anywhere else. At King Solomon's, that is the Hot Beef Commercial served only from 4 p.m. to midnight. A thick slice of white bread is covered in slices of roast beef and served beside a pile of mashed potatoes. The whole plate is then drenched in brown gravy. If somehow this sizeable serving doesn't fill you up, there is a side salad that accompanies each dinner choice. Add a root beer float or a hand-scooped milkshake, and you will not be hungry for a while.

KING SOLOMON'S REEF, 8 a.m. to 3 a.m., daily, 212 4th Ave. E., Olympia,

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