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The Waffle Stop

I like you a waffle lot

The Mess Haul, a savory option at its finest. Photo credit: Jackie Fender

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ANNOUNCER: This week Dutch and Jackie find themselves craving breakfast throughout the day and land in Tacoma's Proctor district at the Waffle Stop. With waffles ranging from savory to sweet to entirely filling, there is plenty to satisfy.

JACKIE: The first thing that caught my attention is that branding is on point. You might assume that The Waffle Stop is another corporate entity that has made its way to Tacoma, but you'd be wrong. It's the first of its kind but well branded throughout. Wall décor, T-shirts, mugs and more all communicate a bright, clean and fun ambiance perfect for getting your waffle on. My husband said to me, "They can't all be waffles, right? There are other options?" and to that I replied simply, "No, it's ALL WAFFLES." Waffle fries, waffle sandwiches, sweet and savory waffles. There are even waffles on their salads.

DUTCH: Perspective is everything here, as my teenage son's response was "Seriously Dad? Everything is a waffle? Awesome." And he wasn't disappointed as he instantly dug into the sweeter side of the menu with the Very Berry Medley that takes the familiar strawberry waffle to a new level by featuring a Pearl Sugar Waffle with strawberries, blackberries and raspberries and then topped with whipped cream.

JACKIE: The service was divine, well informed and knowledgeable about the menu and the vision. Our server spoke candidly about the fresh, locally sourced, hand-crafted ingredients when asked. Menu wise, let's start with the sweet. The Nutella S B was all the things I hanker for in a sweet treat. The Pearl Sugar Waffle laid the base and boasted that perfectly crisp exterior with bready fluff inside. They then top it with freshly chopped strawberries and banana, a hearty dollop of whipped cream and a generous drizzle of hazelnut spread. Um, YUM.

DUTCH: I wasn't in the mood for a sweet collection this time around, but based on everyone else's experiences, I'll be back. What I was in the mood for, however, was bacon, so when I saw an offering titled Bacon Overboard, I couldn't say no. A crispy Southern waffle is covered in crumbled bacon and butter, just waiting to be covered in the bacon syrup served on the side. Also on the side are two eggs any way you want them, and two strips of candied bacon. So, in a sense, I got my sweet and savory all in the same plate.

JACKIE: My savory pick was The Mess Haul, which was a sight to behold! Their Southern Bacon Waffle lays the foundation here and is a completely different beast than the Pearl Sugar. It's much less sweet and crispy and has a more "bready" character to it. These guys are topped with house-made grilled potatoes, three eggs made your way and then doused in sausage gravy, then topped with Applewood bacon chunks. The gravy is what really makes this dish and delights with an herbaceous punch of rosemary. The bacon was perfectly crisp and the portion was enough to satiate any diner. The Mini Mess Haul is available for those who seek the journey but didn't bring a big appetite.  I live within walking distance. ... so uh, they'll be seeing me. Often.

The Waffle Stop, open daily, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., 2710 North Proctor, Tacoma, 253.267.5026,

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