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No consensus on Roadrunner

Another mixed review from the de Pauls

The Hoss Burger at Roadrunner in Puyallup is a monster. Photo credit: Jake de Paul

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ANNOUNCER: Tucked off the main drag on South Hill in Puyallup, the Roadrunner Bourbon and Burger House is all dark and rich inside with a menu not seen elsewhere in Puyallup. The boys returned from their investigation not agreeing once again on what they found.

JASON: I am once again going to be the cranky one.  But, I admit, I went looking for a fight ... or at the very least, asking for Roadrunner to prove to me why I should pay $59 for a New York strip (the rib eye is $70).  The steak was good, tender in many places but it also had some gristle and graininess that shouts $30, maybe.  I can get a New York at Pacific Grill for $42!  The brussel sprouts were tender, though they had an odd flavor I couldn't place, and the onion rings forgettable.  For $59 I'd expect clean, polished service.  I asked what beers they had on tap and my server handed me a hand-scratched list on a scrap of paper.

JAKE: I didn't go for the higher priced items so I didn't judge as harshly.  Grilled shrimp cocktail? Yep, that's how it is served here; first the shrimp is grilled and then added to a bed of celery and a cocktail sauce with a kick.  I can't think of a better place to start, and this cocktail should be on a top ten list.

JASON: I liked the blue cheese burger for $15.  It comes loaded - the meat was flavorful and the bun fine.

JAKE: The Hoss Burger had me at six pieces of bacon and two ground prime patties.  Add to that Swiss and American cheeses, house made onion rings, pickles, lettuce, tomato, and a tangy bourbon BBQ sauce, and this burger warrants the $18 price tag that comes with it.  Be warned however, that you need to have the appetite to go with it!

JASON: Speaking of bourbon and brown liquor fans, Roadrunner has invested heavily in an amazing menu of spirits - some that will set you back nearly $150.  The connoisseurs out there are going to love this place.

JAKE:  The second time I visited, I took advantage of a happy hour half price pizza.  All the pizzas are made with fresh, made to order dough and covered with several specialty combinations.  I selected The Steakhouse pizza brushed with garlic then topped with mozzarella and blue cheeses which is then combined with grilled mushrooms and onions and the most tender slices of steak I have ever eaten.

JASON: The chocolate torte for dessert was a good decision - decadent and rich.  But once again, at these prices, they should do better than the can of whipped cream they squirted on the plate.

JAKE: I loved the Bourbon Bread Pudding.  Rich and smoky bourbon flavored breading over vanilla ice cream and then whipped cream and a caramel drizzle.  Even if you don't have room . . . there's room for this.

Roadrunner Bourbon and Burger House, 10312 120th St. E., Puyallup, 253.446.7016,

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