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Rush In Dumplings

Olympia eatery offering unique menu

Eastern European yumminess dishing it out in downtown Olympia. Photo credit: Jake de Paul

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Announcer: Dining in the Northwest you are exposed to a plethora of international flavors, but those are mostly from the Pacific Rim. We don't get a lot of European and Caribbean foods. In Olympia, however, is a tiny eatery serving Eastern European dumplings ... and darn they are good.

Jason: The simplicity of eating at Rush In Dumplings is staggering.  Choose Russian dumplings with beef, potato or both, then pick your toppings and you are done.

Jake: The dumplings are made fresh every afternoon and then frozen to be used the next day, but you wouldn't know they had been frozen by the flavor.  Vegetarians can rest easy because of the five toppings offered, only one contains meat, so you can fill up without having to ask for substitutions.  I, of course, didn't quite follow that path and ordered my potato dumplings loaded with butter, cheddar cheese, bacon, green onions, and sour cream.  It was basically an Eastern European version of the loaded American baked potato, except I had an entire tasty bowl full of little potatoes to enjoy.

Jason: My meat dumplings swam in the curry beef broth - a lovely bowl of beef broth, green onion, sour cream and curry.  Simple, soul-satisfying, and for $8, worth every penny.

Jake: I also gave the mixed dumplings a try, which is a mix of potato and beef.  This was more flavorful than the veggie version, and I topped it with the Siberian Classic of butter, cilantro, curry, sour cream and the one thing that set this apart from the rest, Sriracha rice vinegar, which offers both a tart and spicy addition to the already flavorful dumplings.  

Jason: I had those too - delicious.

Jake:  Lastly, there are a few desserts offered here as well, including the Rush In Cake, which is the Russian version of Baklava.  It's a bit more dense in comparison, and adds a rich cream to the honey and walnuts that you may have become accustomed, but every bite was sweet goodness.

Rush In Dumplings, 205 4th Ave. E., downtown Olympia, 360.943.1434

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