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Amocat Cafe, Jefe de Jefe Burrito

The good word in the South Sound

The Amocat Cafe is almost ready to open. Photo courtesy of Erik Bjornsen

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Amocat Café

The big heads in the windows on St. Helens Avenue in downtown Tacoma have tongues wagging. The bloggers are blogging. Soon to open next to The Mix is Amocat Café - owned by the Tacoma Improvement Club, LLC, of which Morgan Alexander is a part.

For drinks, Amocat will feature Valhalla coffee and a lighter than average custom Northern Italian style espresso blend that took three months to develop. Amocat will also feature beer from local breweries, Washington wines, Mad Hat tea and Italian sodas. Sandwiches and other lighter fare will be offered, as well.

Besides food and drink what will the space offer?

"Amocat will be a different spin on what a cafe does," Alexander shared via e-mail. "We strive to be a community place and want to be accessible by all ages."

Also expect live acoustic music with an emphasis on blues, alternative, world, and jazz, not to mention collaborative community projects - with Amocat partnering with a number of local organizations. The new café is also expected to showcase art and other products made locally. 

I was given a sneak peak of the quickly evolving vintage space and shown where beer, wine, bread, candy, and even ice cream will eventually be made. I'm most excited for the cheese plates and fondue. Alexander, who hopes to have Amocat Café open in the coming weeks, says a percentage of profits will be donated to community groups and events. 

If Tacoma develops a fan club, once it opens Amocat Café will be the clubhouse. - Jennifer Johnson

[Amocat Café, 625 St. Helens Ave., Tacoma]

Eating for sport

On Cinco de Mayo, Masa will host its Jefe de Jefe Burrito challenge. The first person to eat all 6 pounds of the behemoth in 15 minutes will be crowned champion, receiving recognition on Masa's wall, not to mention $500. Second and third place finishers will also receive awards. All participants will receive a T-shirt. If there's a tie before the 15 minutes expire, more burrito will be added. Basically, the first person to eat the most burrito wins.

Better yet, those who can't attend Masa's burrito eating contest May 5 will still be able to achieve burrito gut-busting fame. Anytime after the event, when you push open Masa's massive door, announce you're up for the challenge, throw down your $25, and the Masa staff will lift you onto the DJ platform and serve you as much burrito as you can eat in 15 minutes. If you beat the last competitor, you will be crowned the new champion.– Ron Swarner

[Masa, 2811 Sixth Ave., Tacoma, 253.254.0560]

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tornado said on Apr. 28, 2010 at 10:27pm

Amocat Cafe sounds like just what Tacoma needs. Looking forward to it opening.

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Erik B. said on Apr. 29, 2010 at 12:20am

Great write up on the Amocat! They had a great paining party last weekend. The colors are nice especially the dark red which is almost impossible to do right.

User Photo

Crenshaw Sepulveda said on Apr. 29, 2010 at 9:37am

I hope people remember from the Great Burrito Eating Contest Disaster of 1994. For the love of god pray they have installed the speed bumps on the approach to the restroom. I remember one contender, Gaseous Clay (float alike a butterfly, stink like Simpson's on a bad day) was involved in a three contestant pile up on the way to the restroom, it was not pretty. Fortunately the restaurant got some EPA SuperFund money for the clean up.

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