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Progressive dinner out - Tacoma style.

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Last Thursday while some were out “Loving Tacoma” at Cans, the boys and I were spreading our love around at a few other downtown haunts and eateries. Love Tacoma did sound enticing, but we were in the mood for variety, and variety is exactly what we received.

We started our evening with a cocktail at Club Silverstone. A little known fact about the club is that it was named after Alicia Silverstone. Who would of thought? Anyway, may I say the drinks here are insanely cheap and good. There were lots of good jams blaring on the high tech jukebox, while people watching (not staring) is always a good past time here.

Next we decided to step it up a notch and check out The Sea Grill down at 15th and Pacific Avenue. My first visit to SG was not the best. The Ono I ordered was supposed to be cooked medium, but came out overcooked and flavorless. My other dining companions were extremely happy with their meals, and despite my fish fiasco, the roasted asparagus and mushroom risotto rocked my world.

For this Sea Grill visit we headed to the bar and of course I had to test the bartender and her martini making skills. Kudos to this darling girl! I explained how I like my vodka martini DUSTY not dirty, and with little more than that, she produced a cocktail worthy of my father, the original Dusty Vodka Martini creator.

The bar menu was tempting, so instead of ordering just one meal, I ordered four appetizers ’cause you know how I like to eat. First up was the prawn and shrimp cocktail: four fatty prawns, lots of salad shrimp layered in a martini glass with cocktail sauce, shredded lettuce, and extra cocktail sauce on the side.

The crab stuffed mushrooms were quite large and very rich. My guess is they were small portabella mushrooms stuffed with a mixture of crab and breadcrumbs and drizzled with a béarnaise sauce (I think there was tarragon in there somewhere).

Anyway, my next appetizer consisted of raw chunks of tuna and cucumbers marinated in a soy sauce mixture, surrounded by Terra chips. Because the bar area was heavily dimmed, it was difficult to tell the difference between a large chunk of cucumber and a blob of wasabi (sorry “J” for encouraging you to eat that, my bad). Other than me not being a taro chip fan, it was a tasty treat.

I think my favorite appetizer had to be the steamed clams. Lots of garlic, butter, herbs and clam nectar. Order that with some of their freshly baked rustic bread, and you don’t need to order anything else. It’s Northwest comfort food at its best. I’ll be going back for more soon, very soon.

The evening was still young and a few on my group were hankering for dessert, so we braved the long walk over to Pacific Grill and settled in at their bar. Now I am not a dessert person, but there are many ways to have dessert: Godiva Espresso martini anyone? The generous and lovely Carol bought my friend “J” a belated birthday dessert. Damn you Carol. Damn you, and here’s why …

This was not just ANY dessert; this was the Rock’n Roca Blondie Sundae, which is a warm white chocolate brownie with white chocolate ice cream, toasted pecans, caramel sauce and Almond Roca Butter crunch. Sweet Evil is another way to describe it. I will never be the same again.

They say you can never have too much love. I disagree. On this evening of Love Tacoma, I had more head-spinning love than any one person should or could handle, and it was sure fun making it. See you on the treadmill …

Eat out Tacoma. We need your love.

Sandee Glib has worked in the restaurant and hospitality industry for more than 12 years as a server, bartender, cook and owner. Her opinions are expressly her own and she is always right.

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