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Johnny's Bistro adds history to the local dining scene

Grab a bite on Tacoma's Thea Foss Waterway

The fish and chips plate at Johnny’s Seafood and Bistro is available gluten-free. Photo credit: Dutch Randall

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What used to be primarily commercial properties, downtown Tacoma's Thea Foss Waterway has gone through some drastic changes over the last few years. The construction of condos, coffee shops and concrete sidewalks has created a bit of a hidden gem in Tacoma, and the addition of Johnny's Bistro to the Pacific Seafoods fish market adds one more destination spot.

Johnny's has been a staple here for nearly 40 years; however, the addition of Johnny's Bistro to the Foss Waterway, which is scattered with both industry and leisure, adds a casual dining opportunity.  Consider the fact that there is more seating on the deck than inside, and Johnny's Bistro becomes the perfect place to grab a bite on a sunny day.

As one can imagine, Johnny's, being in the same room as the fish market, has a seafood-driven menu. From appetizers to sandwiches, soups and salads to entrées, each offers a seafood selection.  If you're there, I'll assume you're a seafood fan, and if so, you will not want to miss out on the crab bisque, which is piled with fresh crab in a cream sauce of bourbon and sherry.  This is rich and flavorful with the right balance to accompany your choice of beer or wine.

With so many tempting options, it may take more than one visit to decide what the true standout dish will be for Johnny's Bistro; however, sitting on the deck with the sun beating on my shoulders and an ice cold Windermere Hefeweizen in my hand ... I couldn't think of a better option than a basic fish and chips plate.  Though not always the easiest menu item to get just right, Johnny's nails it!  It's available in either breaded cod or beer-battered halibut, and both come fried crispy and golden with a basket of perfectly seasoned fries.  Add to this house-made dill remoulade sauce and side of sweetened cole slaw, and Johnny's has itself a winner.  Both are also available as a gluten-free option.

The service at Johnny's is great, and the staff works as a team, constantly checking on each customer as they pass by regardless of who the actual server is for the table.  I did not have any needs throughout my meal, but if I had, I felt confident I would have been taken care of without delay.  

Add Johnny's Bistro to your list this spring and summer when the sun and mood hit you.

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