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The B Sharp Coffee House is all about local flavor

B is for Cool

Oh, you can see B Sharp's koosh area. Race you to it!

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October brought blustery winds carrying a chill in the air that announced Fall had finally arrived. The very idea leaves me dancing a celebratory jig, because Fall means hats, scarves, boots and hot cups of roasted bean accompanied by baked goods.

Thankfully, October also introduced Tacoma's Triangle District to the B Sharp Coffee House. It seems an appropriate time for B Sharp to have made its entrance.

Tucked away in Opera Alley, B Sharp has a roomy interior with seating that primarily consists of sturdy tables and chairs and a koosh area with a couch and chair that could just swallow you up in comfort - perfect for good conversation or just reading. Speaking of reading, B Sharp's bookshelf includes a collection of banned books for lovers of the written word who want to explore, or simply for those who want to appear rebellious and smart to boot.

The cafe is spacious, but not so much so that it doesn't serve as an amazing, intimate live music venue on Saturdays. A musician himself, owner Dennis Ellis paid special attention to this aspect, leaving ample space for a well-lit stage area beckoning local jazz acts.

To sip, B Sharp features coffee concoctions courtesy of Bluebeard beans with a special focus on slow coffee including Chemex, vacuum and French press methods. The B Sharp coffee connoisseurs recently hosted a coffee tasting that included a slow-roasting education - how-to to achieve depth and complexity of flavors. Other libations include Mad Hat loose-leaf teas and a fabulous variety of microbrews and boozy grape juices from Seattle winery Corfini Cellars.

During my last visit, the cafe was quiet, and I gladly accepted my finely concocted Americano and headed for the comfy nook to chat with some associates. As I mulled over the menu, I had the most difficult time deciding. There's a fair selection of fresh salads ($6-7.99), sandwiches and appetizers ($5-12.99) such as antipasti skewers, hummus and a cheese platter, so I inquired and chose the hot item of the day, The Duet ($7.99). This sandwich features sliced turkey with melted provolone, fresh organic spinach, zesty red onion and tomatoes all grilled for a moment making the exterior golden and crispy and warming the insides to a beautiful flavorful matrimony.

Corina Bakery knocks on B Sharp's door daily. Wise choice B Sharp. Ask any Tacoman; Corina excels in the pastry department. I splurged on a cream cheese brownie, which tasted rich and delicious, as expected. It's clear from all of the local menu options from Bluebeard, Corina, Corfini and the organic, fresh produce used that B Sharp takes its philosophy of quality and sustainability very seriously. Ellis spent some time in my nook, all smiles over Tacoma's reception and he is looking forward to cementing its relationship with the community. Service was stellar, friendly and knowledgeable, and my Americano was darn good. I felt welcome and at home.

Sure, one could go to Bluebeard to sip on a cup of joe, or Corina to nibble sweet treats, but you certainly cannot go to either to see live jazz! This is precisely why I believe B Sharp Cafe will do so well. It's an ideal location for lunch, a quick business meeting and an addition to a waning live music scene here in Tacoma. There's nothing quite like it, and the setting is just right.

B SHARP COFFEE HOUSE, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday-Thursday, 7 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Friday, 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Saturday, 706 Opera Alley, Tacoma, 253.292.9969

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