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Lt. Gen. Stephen Lanza officially commands I Corps at JBLM

Outgoing I Corps commander Lt. Gen. Robert Brown praised for his leadership

Lt. Gen. Robert B. Brown, former commanding general, I Corps, says goodbye and thank you to the many friends, family and special guests who attended the change of command ceremony on Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Feb. 6. Photo credit: Staff Sgt. David Chapman

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With I Corps' mission transitioning from the Middle East to the Pacific Rim, its new commander will be a veteran Army officer with 34 years of military experience, giving him the background and the "perfect preparation" needed to help lead Joint Base Lewis-McChord into the future.

Lt. Gen. Stephen Lanza, whose last assignment was commander of the 7th Infantry Division at JBLM, became the base's new I Corps commander Thursday.         

"We're going to be in great shape," Gen. Vincent Brooks, commander of the U.S. Army Pacific, said. "Steve brings a wealth of experience. He has a well-established track record of playing any position on the team. Any position the Army needs him to play. And doing it always at a level of excellence."

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During a 45-minute change-of-command ceremony, Lanza replaced Lt. Gen. Robert Brown, whose leadership guided JBLM through a period when I Corps' mission first began to shift. Brooks praised Brown for his leadership during that time.

"While no single player is more important than another," Brooks said. "Let's be clear. Brown's leadership is the reason the team performs so well and so effective. Of course, his energetic approach to everything he does is well known. He performed superbly. A job well done."

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Brown, who took command of I Corps July 3, 2012, now leaves for his next assignment as commander of the Combined Arms Center at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. It was Brown's second assignment at JBLM. Brown and his wife, Patti, were stationed at JBLM as he led a Stryker brigade in 2006.

"It is not easy for Patti and me to leave JBLM," Brown said. "It is a little easier to leave knowing that I Corps is in such good hands. My dear friend, Steve Lanza, is the best man for the job."

>>> Photo by Gail Wood

Lanza was the commander of the 7th ID from Oct. 1, 2012 to Feb. 4, 2014, giving up that command last week to Maj. Gen. Terry Ferrell. He has the reputation for being a solid leader, one that connects with his team.

"Steve is the kind of guy you want to follow," Brooks said. "He's had the perfect preparation. He's a perfect fit. He's the right guy at the right time."

Lanza said the ingredients of success for the 7th ID included cooperation and teamwork.

After graduating from West Point in 1980, Lanza joined the Army as an officer and has led soldiers at all levels. When he talked Thursday during the change-of-command ceremony, he thanked his family for their support and for "my amazed" West Point classmates that attended the ceremony.

Now, as the I Corps commander, Lanza said he'll follow the standard set by Brown and he'll continue to maintain strong ties with neighbors in Washington.

"Lieutenant General Brown has been a stellar role model for me on how to command I Corps," Lanza said. "He has led an incredible Team-of-Teams, set in motion the Re-balance to the Pacific, and worked to operationalize the corps staff. As we move forward, we'll ensure our forces are both globally responsive and regionally aligned to support the Pacific."

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