Car decals will be required across base

The entire Joint Base to include McChord will require car decals for entry

By JBLM PAO on May 19, 2010

Starting Oct. 1, 2010, all vehicles entering Joint Base Lewis-McChord, McChord Field must have current Department of Defense decals. Retirees, Air Force active-duty and reserve personnel, and civil servant personnel, as well as all dependants, can obtain vehicle decals at a number of locations. On McChord Field, you can stop by the Visitor Control Center adjacent to the McChord Field Main Gate, the Pass and Registration office in the Customer Service Mall in Bldg. 100, or speak with your unit's vehicle decal monitor. Everyone is also welcome to obtain vehicle decals from JBLM Main, at either Waller Hall or the Main Visitor Control center adjacent to the Liberty Gate. Beginning Aug. 1, civilian contractors can obtain vehicle passes at the McChord Field Visitor Control Center or the Pass and Registration office.

The following documents are required in order to be issued a vehicle decal: current military ID, current driver's license, current vehicle registration, current proof of insurance, and a current Washington State Emission Control Testing Certificate (for vehicles between the ages of 5 to 25 years) regardless of location or state of registration.

The only exceptions to the emission certificate are: vehicles registered within a WA emission control area that mandates emission testing as a requirement for Wash. state vehicle registration, which is determined by your zip code; military retirees who don't work or reside on Joint Base Lewis-McChord; hybrid vehicles with an EPA city fuel economy rating of at least 50 MPG; and motorcycles or mopeds.

You can obtain specific information regarding emissions testing in the WA Emission Phamplet.  The closest Vehicle Emission inspection facility is in Lakewood.  The Station #12 Lakewood Washington State Emission Inspection Facility can be reached at (253) 581-5243.

As a reminder, vehicle registration decals are accountable items and must be returned to Security Forces when replacing the windshield, selling the vehicle, leaving military service, or your affiliation with the military is terminated. The decal must be permanently attached to the exterior of the windshield located either at the top center or driver's side of the windshield, and must be readily visible without obstructing the driver's view.

For more information, please contact Pass and Registration at 982-1995. Additional information can also be found at

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