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Kitty Daisy and Lewis

Kitty Daisy & Lewis (DH Records)

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Kitty, Daisy and Lewis may be the three coolest kids in music right now. The group may be comprised of the three Durham siblings, aged 16, 21 and 19 respectively, but their self-titled debut album is nothing kiddish. In fact the album sounds like it was stolen from some old diner’s jukebox.

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis is full of classic covers. Canned Heat’s “Goin’ Up The Country” and “I Got My Mojo Working” — as made popular by Muddy Waters — are given new legs by Daisy’s gritty howl, Kitty’s handy harmonica work and Lewis’ rowdy piano.

Recorded with their parents at home with antique equipment, the album has a bit of an amateur tone to it. The levels fluctuate and the piano will wander off from time to time, but overall it’s a warm upbeat record. If nothing else Kitty, Daisy & Lewis is an inspiring exercise in recording and family dynamics.

Give it a spin with your parents or your kids. I bet they’ll love it too.

Elly Henriksen is promotions director at KUPS 90.1FM “The Sound,” based on the University of Puget Sound campus in Tacoma.

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