Saturday: All Elements Jam at The D.A.S.H. Center

By Jose Gutierrez Jr., M.Ed. on January 16, 2014

Peace, love, unity, having fun and knowledge may not be the first characteristics the general population find synonymous with hip-hop, but just to raise eyebrows - the aforementioned are in fact the founding principles of hip-hop, as established by Afrika Bambaataa and the Universal Zulu Nation in 1973. These are principles that are much needed in The 25360 (Tacoma/Olympia) area. Thankfully, the Z53 Zulu formed in Tacoma.

Z53 focuses on the greater Tacoma/Pierce County area code and, as a provisional chapter in the Universal Zulu Nation - an international organization representing the best of hip-hop culture - the group commits to engage and improve its community, such as sponsoring and promoting this Saturday's All Elements Jam.

The All Elements Jam will showcase all, er, elements of hip-hop - B-Boy/Girl, MC, DJ, graffiti and knowledge - at The D.A.S.H. Center.

Come and witness true hip-hop.

ALL ELEMENTS ZULU JAM, 7-11 p.m., Saturday, Jan. 18, all ages, The D.A.S.H. Center, 1102 A St., Tacoma, $5 with proceeds benefitting The D.A.S.H. Center's youth programs