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March 26, 2013 at 11:02am

Clayton On Art: Celebrating the number "Five" in Tacoma

BROOKS DENTAL STUDIO: Bridle and drawing by Lisa Kinoshita, "Reconstructing Demuth," painting by Lance Kagey. Photo courtesy Brooks Dental Clinic

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Brooks Dental Studio at 732 Broadway, Suite 101 in Tacoma's Theater District may be an unusual venue for an art exhibition, but it is a stylish space in a converted garage where they have been showing art for the past five years. Dentist Dr. Jamie Brooks says she started showing art as a way of promoting her aunt, Lisa Kinoshita (Foundation of Art Award nominee and former owner of Mineral Gallery). The clinic has a new revolving show every six months. They can't make the art accessible on a regular schedule but they have an opening celebration with drinks and refreshments for each new show, and Dr. Brooks (or Dr. Jamie as everyone there calls her) promotes the artists in other ways, such as on Facebook and the TacomaArt listserv.

Brooks' latest show is called Five. It is a celebration of its five years in operation with eight local artists showing various artistic interpretations on the number five. The show opens March 28 from 5-7 p.m. and will continue through June 30. Some of Tacoma's best-known artists are included in the show. Kinoshita is included with a piece from last year's "Bridle" show at Fulcrum - bridles made in collaboration with inmates at the Montana State Prison. She is showing a traditional horse's bridle with spiral-pattern horsehair reins and an original drawing.

Also included are works by Mindy Barker, Jeremy Gregory, Lance Kagey from the guerilla poster outfit Beautiful Angle, Maureen McHugh, Juliette Ricci, Chris Sharp and Jessica Spring. No slouches here. These are among Tacoma's art elite, many of whom are also former Foundation nominees.

The theme is set by Kagey's "Deconstructing Demuth" a version of Charles Demuth's "The Figure 5 in Gold," inspired by a poem by William Carlos Williams.

Barker is represented by four large circular rounds containing trapped frolicking creatures within boldly colored strata.

Gregory has included "Piper the Puppet," one of his popular dolls, this one with four (why not five?) arms and hands. Piper is attached to an old violin case and inside the case are Piper's drawings.

Sharp is showing a painting in sign paint on plywood. McHugh, co-owner of Mad Hat Tea Company, makes her presence known with "An Inking of the five W's of life. Who What Where When Why."

Spring has included a series of framed prints incorporating found objects, Japanese and handmade papers and dental floss with collage and letterpress printing. And Ricci has a group of photographs on canvas, reflections of things that happen in the everyday.

The grouping provides a range of art from the funky to the beautiful in an unusual setting. Unless you need dental work, the opening reception Thursday evening may provide your only change to see it. As an added treat, Dr. Jamie says the graffiti garage across the street is going to unveil new work just in time for the opening.

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